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We have a unique team of highly experienced and dedicated ADHD expert doctors, psychologists and coaches.

The ADHD Centre has been working since 2009 to offer one of the most cost effective and evidence based complete treatment packages for ADHD.

We have already helped thousands of people with ADHD get in control of their lives again so that they can flourish and reach their full potential.

Each treatment package is individually tailored to suit your specific needs.

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We have found that the one thing that the majority of our clients with undiagnosed Adult ADHD have in common is that they feel that they are not reaching their true potential in life.
Untreated Adult ADHD can hold you back from achieving your true goals in life, at home and at work
It’s never too late to address your ADHD and you can start the process of positive change by booking an ADHD assessment with one of our expert physicians today!

We are affiliated and work closely together with the following professional bodies to raise awareness for Adult ADHD and implement the highest possible standards of evidence based care for our clients with ADHD.

We have been helping thousands of people with ADHD since 2009

Read below some of our client experiences to see what others have said about our service.

Samantha G, Social Worker and Mother of Two, from Hertfordshire.

It wasn’t until I started having a family that I first really noticed how hard I found it to multi-task, juggling two children and a part time job. I am really grateful for all the help I have received from the team at The ADHD Centre, especially Dr Kripalani, who was really understanding and has helped me to get control of my life again. I only wish I had come for help sooner. Thanks again!

Samantha G
Social Worker and Mother of Two, Hertfordshire

Mustaffa A., IT consultant, West Midlands

I was on my fifth job in three years and the stakes were really high, I couldn’t afford to mess up my new job. Luckily my wife saw a programme on TV about Adult ADHD and I had all the symptoms. So I did some research and decided to come and see Dr Kripalani at the ADHD Centre for an assessment. He diagnosed me with Combined Type of ADHD and started treatment straight away. The treatment I have received literally saved my career, so I can’t thank you enough Dr K.

Mustaffa A.
IT consultant, West Midlands

Abdul S., Trainee Lawyer, Manchester

I was having real problems completing my coursework at law school and I had already had to repeat one year. I thought that I was not going to qualify. Thankfully a friend told me they had been diagnosed with ADHD and I had a Skype assessment with Dr Kripalani. He was really kind and understanding and we came up with a treatment package which has completely transformed me. He was also really good at speaking to my uni and getting extra time and support. I have now just started my training contract and things are going really well so fingers crossed!!!

Abdul S.
Trainee Lawyer, Manchester

Dawn S., Graphic Designer and Mother of Three, South London

I have always struggled with things that other people found simple like paying bills, answering emails and completing relatively simple tasks at work and at home. I would always waste hours internet surfing and found it really hard to switch my attention to other more important tasks. Now I can choose to really focus on the things I need to get done and actually complete them.

Thanks a million to everyone at The ADHD Centre for helping me so much through the whole process of diagnosing and treating my ADHD. I still can’t believe how quick it took for the treatment to start working. I have just referred two friends who I’m sure also have ADHD.

Dawn S.
Graphic Designer and Mother of Three, South London

David L., MBA student, London

Although I have always had problems with doing homework and getting projects done in time, I seemed to manage okay when I was younger at school because the environment was more structured. When I started my degree course at university I found it much harder to organise myself, manage my time effectively and study by myself. Before I came for an assessment at The ADHD Centre I did not even realise that ADHD could actually cause you more problems in adulthood than in childhood. With a combination treatment of medication and ADHD coaching, I can structure my time much more effectively and because I study much more efficiently, I have more time to enjoy other hobbies and activities. Thanks again Dr K and Peter for all your help.

David L.
MBA student, London

We can now also offer online assessments for your convenience. If you’d like to arrange a convenient time for your online consultation with an ADHD Centre Specialist Doctor, then please get in contact with us and book today.


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We are a team of experienced Consultant Psychiatrists, Psychologists and ADHD Behavioural Coaches.

We have been diagnosing and treating people with ADHD since 2009.


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