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UK leaders In private adhd assessment and treatment
Since 2009, we've been helping adults and children fulfill their potential with the very latest evidence-based support. All our treatments are designed individually for you or your loved one, and delivered by registered ADHD specialists to best suit your family's needs.


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Why Choose The ADHD Centre?

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Consultant Psychaitrist-led service since 2009


Based on the latest evidence and research


Support designed individually for you and your family


Offered face-to-face in London or Manchester, or online from anywhere in the U.K


Clients on shared care agreements with their GP

Specialised ADHD Assessments

Discover our ADHD assessments, designed specifically for adults, children, and students who may be dealing with the condition. All our GMC-registered ADHD specialists provide individualised, tailored support, to empower you on the journey to well-being and a brighter future. Learn more below.

Real Experiences, Real Results

Hear from some of our satisfied clients, who have found the support and guidance they need with The ADHD Centre.
Awesome experience!
Such an efficient process and lovely medic who assessed me and quickly provided a diagnosis. No messing about, all very simple. Thank you ADHD Centre!
Joanne McCudden
Awesome experience!
Dr Zadeh was great during my assessment, he was on time, compassionate & very informative. I left the assessment feeling great and he answered all my questions.
Nadine Blwrs
Awesome experience!
I worked with Dr.Mansingh at the ADHD Centre via Zoom. From the initial contact and the following appointments Dr.Mansingh & the team have been excellent. Dr.Mansingh even went above & beyond what was expected of him to help outside of appointments. Working with Dr.Mansingh & the team has truly changed my life. Thank you guys!
Paul Allen
Awesome experience!
Dr Chowdury was supportive throughout the process of diagnosis and follow up care. I felt in very safe hands and couldn’t recommend her more highly. The team at ADHD centre were helpful and efficient, thank you
Emma Poole
Awesome experience!
Thorough, and supportive- Dr Young and the ADHD Centre have provided great support during a very challenging period.
Sarah Jarmey-Swan
Awesome experience!
I found the whole experience very professional. Dr Balogun and his team always answer emails quickly and efficiently. Dr Balogun is very kind and supportive with my teenage son. Both my son and I feel very safe in his care. I would highly recommend.
Written by a private patient
Awesome experience!
I had an online assessment back in March with Dr. Rahman and I have been really surprised and pleased with the process so far. I have been started on elvanse and also started online started online coaching with Helen. Ther results are already very noticeable. I am working at home at the moment as an accountant and I have been able to properly focus on my daily work tasks as well as organise and manage other areas of my life, which I didn’t even realise were in such disarray! Thank you for your help.
S Jacobs
Awesome experience!
We are so glad that we finally got round to this and only wish we had come a few years ago. We have a boy and girl aged 9 and 11, both with long suspected ADHD symptoms. We had tried getting help through local NHS services but were going round in circles. We finally decided to have them assessed privately at The ADHD Centre in September. As a result we have been able to access the treatment, care and support they really need. It’s so great to see them both flourishing at school and at home.
Kent Charlotte
Awesome experience!
I recently booked an online skype assessment with Dr. Kulik through the ADHD Centre. I was waiting for lockdown to end but then decided that I could not wait any longer as my symptoms were getting worse. The assessment was very clear and worked well over the internet. I have now started treatment which is making a massive difference during these challenging times. I hope that more clinics offer this service in the future and perhaps more aspects of healthcare can go online.
K Thomas
Awesome experience!
My best friend had been wondering if she had ADHD and really struggling with her job and family life. I wanted to help so I found the ADHD Centre online. She has now been fully assessed and diagnosed and started treatment with medication and coaching. The change has been incredible. She is so much happier now!
Sophia Bartlett
Awesome experience!
I am a parent of an ADHD child and I was very worried how this may affect his accademic success, self-esteem and general happiness. Dr Kumar from the ADHD Centre has done a really first class job in helping the whole family through the diagnosis and treatment process. I can now say that my son is thriving at school and so much happier.
Joseph Knight
Awesome experience!
Thanks to everyone at the ADHD Centre for helping so much with son’ss care. He is now able to actually pay attention during lessons and not get so easily distracted. He feels much better about himself now that he is doing better at school. This has had a really positive knock on effect on everything from his social skills to ability in team sports as well as gearing him up for his exams. I have already recommended the Centre to a few other families in a similar situation.
Josephine W.
Awesome experience!
Absolutely professional! No corners cut. Truly a life changing discovery about myself and anyone who has a similar experience MUST look into it further.
Peter Fisher
Awesome experience!
I am so impressed by the ADHD Centre, they are incredibly professional and you are treated with respect and compassion. Highly recommend.
Emma Colgrave
Awesome experience!
Making the decision to seek a diagnosis has been a massive relief and I can’t thank the ADHD centre enough. Dr Chowdhury has been great in providing support and advice on my queries especially with titration.
Sadiya Ghani
Awesome experience!
I have had a great experience with the ADHD centre. I was treated by Dr Upadhya who I highly recommend. She who was very patient and thorough during the diagnosis and treatment process. I have since had several follow up sessions with her and she has always shown a keen interest in my well being. The ADHD clinic staff have also been great, they were also quick to respond to any emails I had.
Adam Makhfoudi
Awesome experience!
I came to the ADHD centre looking for answers and how to make sense of a lot of my life. Dr Chowdhury put me at my ease immediately. In our initial 90 minute diagnostic conversation (following filling in and submitting online questionnaires) I felt comfortable, listened to, heard and respected. She was friendly and encouraging and I always felt she had my best interest at heart.
Paula Sheridan
Awesome experience!
I fully recommend the ADHD centre. I am specifically very grateful to Dr Chowdhury for her assessment and explaining everything thoroughly with kindness during the diagnosis and treatment.
Bask Herria
Awesome experience!
I am very satisfied with the service from the ADHD Centre London. They helped me with the ADHD assessment and the pharmacological treatment very well so far.
Awesome experience!
This Clinic has been amazing from our very first appointment, my partner saw Dr Kelleher and he was great Since then we have had a few issues our end that the clinic managed to fix for us, there was no issues and I think they really do care about my partner and his wellbeing, They have responded quickly to all my emails and I would definitely recommend them. Thank you
Kaley Anne
Awesome experience!
Our experience with the ADHD centre has been amazing. Setting up the assessment was straightforward – the assessment itself was thorough and very comprehensive.
Karen B

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Are you or a loved one struggling with ADHD? Finding it hard to concentrate, organize tasks, or manage your impulses? At ADHD Treatment Clinic, we understand the challenges that come with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and we're here to help you navigate through them.

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ADHD Treatments For Adults

Manage and overcome your ADHD symptoms with individualised, holistic ADHD treatment from our highly-experienced, specialist Consultant Psychiatrists. At The ADHD Centre, you'll find tailormade treatment plans, including the tools, medication, and coping mechanisms you need to thrive. Our team is focused on providing the best adult ADHD, and we're here to help you.

ADHD Treatment For Children & Adolescents (under 18’s)

Undiagnosed, misunderstood, or untreated ADHD can lead to significant social and academic challenges for children, both at home and school. Our Consultant Psychiatrist-led child ADHD assessments, diagnosis, and individualised treatment services are here to help your child flourish, realise their true potential, and live a happier, more fulfilled life.

ADHD Treatments For Students

The ADHD Centre provides individual, client-first ADHD diagnosis and treatment for students, helping them achieve their dreams and improve their personal well-being. We work closely with many major UK academic institutions to ensure the students we work with are supported, empowered, and succeed - both in their academic efforts, and beyond.

Sign Up For Our ADHD Essential Mindfulness Course

This course, led by ADHD & Mindfulness Coach Alexandra Loewe (BMus, MA, DipTCA), consists of six mindfulness practices, helping participants manage and overcome ADHD symptoms. Try the first lesson for free or sign up now.

Learn how to:
  • Curb your impulsivity
  • Practice emotional control
  • Be flexible in changing tasks
  • Improve your working memory
  • Plan and organise tasks properly

Feeling Held Back By Your ADHD Symptoms?

You're not alone. Every year, The ADHD Centre supports hundreds of adults, students and children to understand, overcome, and manage their ADHD symptoms. With dedication and a tailored treatment plan, achieving your goals and restoring balance is possible.

Our treatments provide access to the latest medications and equip you with effective coping mechanisms, empowering you to manage the challenges that come with ADHD. Following treatment, many clients even find ways to use the bursts of energy and focus associated with ADHD to their advantage.

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