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10 New Treatment Ideas For People With ADHD

A lot of times when an ADHD treatment ideas go wrong, most people are quick to blame the patient for not doing their best. However, while some factors have to go with the tendencies of the ADHD brain, we should point out that it isn’t just about the person. Sometimes it can also be the strategy being used as treatment.

Ordinary people tend to overlook these ADHD symptoms. Parents, husbands or wives, and school teachers usually fail to fully grasp the tendencies and characteristics of the ADHD brain. Because of this, they tend to use techniques that do not help nurture the ADHD brain. Instead,  they resort to methods works only for the neurotypical mind. That’s why when the treatment program fails; all the blame is immediately pointed towards the person, forcing them to repeat the entire process in hopes that they would get it right the second time around. But they don’t. No matter how much they try, these neurotypical methods just don’t work well with the ADHD mind. So all of these efforts will only result in stress and frustration for both parties involved.

All of these unsuccessful attempts will eventually lead to the ADHD patient being scrutinised for being “lazy” or “not really trying at all.” But these people are doing their best. It’s just that their minds function differently, which is the main reason for their failures. At this point, the practitioners should already notice that their technique is the one to blame instead of the person.

It’s Time To Stop Using Non-ADHD Solutions

There are a plethora of ADHD techniques that you can use. Some are even easy to acquire and adapt to your system. However, you should first stop doing neurotypical methods that you usually use. When you’ve managed to remove these useless techniques in your system, you can have a fresh start which is what you direly need after multiple failures of learning how to manage your ADHD. Keep in mind, however, that undoing a habit is hard. There will even be instances where a person will spend their entire lifetime just to compensate and try to right the ship of a brain that doesn’t play by the rules. Once you fully understand the tendencies of your ADHD, you will start to change for the better. The techniques that you used before hasn’t worked, which is just right since it’s not even made for you. What you should do is follow these new ADHD treatment programs and incorporate them into your daily life.

Follow these new ADHD treatment Ideas

1.) Find Your Ideal ‘Cheerleader’

The key factor to happiness and success while having ADHD is to have your very own ‘cheerleader.’ A personal cheerleader is someone who believes in you despite your mental condition. This person or group of people are open to supporting you all throughout your battles and hardships with ADHD. Most people who reached success despite having ADHD are blessed with a robust support system from their friends and families. If you don’t get the same amount of support, then getting one – at least – to support you will already be enough.

Your cheerleader appreciates you for who you are, as well as acknowledge your worth as a person. Instead of looking at your flaws, they lean more towards appreciating your positive qualities. Overall, your support system should be someone who understands what your going through and is willing to help and support you no matter what.

2.) Get To Know Your Condition

Before you can even consider undergoing proper ADHD therapy, you should first begin with gaining a thorough understanding of your condition. ADHD is a devastating mental condition as it tends to cause a person to act differently than other normal people. If you aren’t aware of your condition earlier, it can get worse by the day. For parents of ADHD children, it is their job to understand how their child is going through, as well as looking for ways on how to provide an effective solution to their child’s ADHD symptoms. They should not hold their kids accountable for certain things that they fail to achieve. Accountability and responsibility are two qualities that will help you and your ADHD child fully control their ADHD. But first thing’s first, you should make sure that they can all lead you to success.

It’s also essential for the members of the family to also be involved during the patient’s treatment. The people closest to the ADHD patient will play a significant role in his or her progress and development. The people around the patient should also know a thing or two about ADHD and how they can become a part of a practical solution.

3.) Level The Playing Field By Taking The Necessary Medication

The perfect idea of an ADHD medication plan taken at the right time and the right moment can help neutralise symptoms of ADHD. Undergoing ADHD counselling or coaching without reinforcing it with medication will not get you the results you’re looking for. If this happens, try it again, this time, with medication. Patients who take medication will feel like they’re in a situation which everyone is given a fair and equal chance of achieving success. Most might experience this for the first time in their lives.

4.) ACT Now!

People with ADHD require more motivation than just being able to meet deadlines or told that it’s something important. In situations like this where rewards don’t seem to stimulate any desire to get things done, you should incorporate the ‘ACT’ strategy. Shortened for “Acceptance and Commitment Therapy,” this ADHD treatment method helps motivate a person with ADHD when rewards just aren’t enough. ACT involves patients reflecting on what matters to them the most to motivate them.

It can either be their family, setting a record, gaining fame, or boosting their faith in God. ACT requires an ADHD patient to ask themselves the question, “Am I doing something that really matters to me?” After several sessions of ACT, a person will find motivation on their own and will no longer need the guidance of a therapist for them to get things done.

5.) Note-taking Can Go A Long Way

ADHD treatment isn’t just about undergoing sessions with your therapist and relying on them to do the recording for you. Successful treatment also requires a patient who is constantly taking notes about his or her progress. It’s essential that you carry a pen and a small notepad with you at all times. You should document everything you did right, as well as a list of things that have worked for you thus far. Consider the moments when you were in the “zone,” productive, or engaged, and energised. Record the date and even the time that it happened. What are the situations that tend to throw you off your zone or the ones that will immediately get you back on track? Do this for about a month. By the end, you will likely have 20 or more coping and management techniques that you know will work for you whenever you start procrastinating or showing other ADHD symptoms.

6.) “Lit A Light When Things Seem Dark”

It’s crucial for ADHD patients to know how to spark interest when they’re not interested at all. Creating your own interest will guarantee that you are still able to access your abilities even when your interest levels are at a minimum. Take this true story as a firm example:

A law student with ADHD was flunking in his law subjects. His ADHD coach tried to help him right his ship by having him imagine he was the attorney defending Anthony Babington – the student’s idol and inspiration for taking up Law – when he was tried for the assassination of Queen Elizabeth I of England. He knew the fate of Sir Babington but wanted to honour his name by knowing everything about British Law to at least imagine trying to save Babington’s life. With the formation of this false urgency, the student thoroughly mastered the British law and later on graduated top in his class.

7.) Alter The Entire Format

People with ADHD usually struggle to share or demonstrate what they know to someone else. That’s why they need to find genuine ways to display their talent. For example, a middle-school student was having difficulties writing his assignments for English class. He was utterly bored by the books he was tasked to read. He approached his teacher and made an appeal to his situation. So instead of writing book reports, he was able to persuade his teacher to let him write ironic parodies about the books. He managed to zip through his assignments with ease and even receive high grades in English at the end of the quarter.

8.) Get Control Of What You Want

Children and adults with ADHD usually want someone else to make things interesting for them. However, often it isn’t the case, and we’d have to do it ourselves. For example:

If there are six available English courses offered to you in school, you should choose the one that will spark the most interest in you. Inquire about the instructors of each one and find out which is the brightest and most engaging.

It doesn’t matter how interesting the course is. If the instructor that’s going to teach you isn’t compelling enough, you will also lose interest the moment you enter that class.

9.) Establish Some Good Competition To Keep Your Interest Going

Most of the time, people with ADHD are good at mastering new jobs and specific activities rather quickly compared to the average person. However, at the same time, they also lose interest in the things they’ve mastered relatively quick as well.

To prevent this from happening, you should tap into your inner competitor and challenge yourself or other people.

You can either try to beat a personal best or dominate your rival. You can also try different strategies like picturing the entire situation as a video game level that you need to get through. Doing all of these methods will ensure that your interest in something will maintain and even improve.

10.) Find Someone To Help You Stay On A Task.

We can’t rely on our ADHD brains to stay in a particular task on our own. Sometimes we need to have someone to serve as a ‘nudge’ to help us stay on the task. ‘Body-doubling’ is a common technique used by tutors and even your ADHD coach. However, you can also use it anytime to help you get through with a particular task. For example:

A businessman was getting tired of always chasing deadlines and finishing tasks at the last minute. He wanted a change of strategy, this time, by incorporating his assistant into the work.

He cleared his loaded desk from any excess documents and every other potential distraction. He instructed his assistant to give him one particular work at a time. His assistant also served as the ‘nudge,’ providing him with information on the things he needed to do and also timely checking on her boss’s progress. With his assistant has his body double, the businessman was able to finish all of his tasks on time and even earlier.

BONUS: Get Expert Help For Your ADHD!

These new treatment methods for ADHD will be more effective if you pair with regular ADHD checkups and assessment. You can make your treatment even better by getting help in trying to manage your ADHD symptoms. Having ADHD will always mean making the right adjustments in order to cope with your condition. But with the right treatment program, you can start progressing into an even better version of yourself without having to succumb to multiple failures.

If you want to get the most out of your ADHD treatment and therapy, you should get help right away and seek the aid of a certified professional ADHD expert. So book an appointment to your nearest local Clinic centre that treats people with ADHD today and request for a proper assessment and diagnosis as early as possible. If you live on or near the Manchester or London areas, you’ll be delighted to know that the ADHD Centre is currently operating in these cities.

At The ADHD Centre, we offer an ADHD Test Online for you to know or confirm if you or a loved one happens to have ADHD and if you would like some further guidance and support on managing your ADHD then please contact us at The ADHD Centre on 0800 061 4276 or via

The ADHD Centre also offers holistic ADHD treatment and cares for both children and adults. We are also affiliated with other ADHD clinics and organisations to maximise our services. Are you living in the UK? Lovely! We also offer an ADHD Online Assessment via Zoom for Healthcare. So wherever you are in the UK, know that the ADHD Centre is always available for your ADHD needs.

Right The Ship With The Right Treatment

Your ADHD isn’t going anywhere unless you incorporate the right methods for containing its symptoms. You’re not going to get better with the wrong treatment. Neurotypical methods will lead you to nowhere. That’s why it’s crucial that you follow the techniques that are mainly in line with ADHD to get the best results. Hopefully, the methods that were just mentioned will help you overcome your ADHD symptoms.

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