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10 Productivity Tips For Adults With ADHD

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Let’s be realistic – people with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) aren’t the most productive human beings. Planning ahead and doing something relevant is pretty much the bane of an ADHD person’s existence. However, this doesn’t mean adults with ADHD totally can’t get things done, all it takes is just a shift in the way they think. As a clinic for helping people overcome their ADHD symptoms, we want to help you with your ADHD in any way possible. So we’ve come up with.

Ten Adults ADHD Tips Productivity that will Help you Deal with your ADHD

1.) Be Realist

The ADHD brain has a world of its own. It really doesn’t follow with what is normal, which leads to your demise, productive-wise. So instead of setting your mind free and setting crazy standards, be realistic, especially on the time you need to finish something. As an ADHD person, you also love to procrastinate, so why don’t you set new standards for your time management? You’d soon realise that everything will take longer to finish than what you would typically think. To prevent yourself from cramming, plan for everything you do to make sure you don’t miss any important deadline.

A man wearing a blue polo, sitting on a chair and looking with his watch.

2.) Stop Trying To Be Perfect

As much as you want to do things flawlessly, you need to accept the fact that no one is perfect. Sometimes having to focus on being productive at work means buying takeout for dinner at the best place in Manchester or the other tasks you need to do piles up. Don’t forget that you’re only human, so give yourself some slack.

A man who is standing while leaning on his table. He's also looking at the papers on the table.

3.) Make The Necessary Preparations

Focusing is the kryptonite of people with ADHD. But you can prevent inattention by preparing ahead. So instead of doing nothing, set the stage for you to focus. Keep in mind that this preparation will mean differently for everyone. It can mean going to your bedroom and locking the door, turning off the music and start attacking the items on your personal list that will require you some isolation in order to accomplish.

A sticky notes with different writings and pens in different sizes were placed on the table.

4.) Gather Everything

Sometimes we tend to start our tasks without the things we need. Getting things done is all about gathering everything we need to prevent any delays on our way to the finish line. So before you start anything you are doing, set yourself up for success. Before sitting down, gather everything that you feel needs to be within arms reach, to avoid getting interrupted by having to retrieve something while you’re already in the middle of your project. Trust us when we tell you that your mind loves an excuse to stop whatever you’re doing. Take that option away from the very start and continue towards being a productive human being.

A woman wearing a pink sweatshirt and eye glasses. She is holding a brush for painting.

5.) Do The Fun And Easy Stuff First

In all of your tasks, always do the fun things first and foremost. We know that it will mean leaving the dull and boring stuff for last, but here’s our theory: Once you get exposed to the fun stuff, you get loads of dopamine in your brain. When you’re through with the fun, the amount of dopamine will start dropping, which means you need to look for ways on how to raise it up again. Your body will then begin to dig deep into the groove, where you will be looking for more of the good stuff. You will then develop the motivation to finish the not-so-fun things just to get more of the good stuff.

Two man are talking and shaking hands and a woman sitting beside the other guy.

6.) Spare Some Time To Make Transitions

Before starting a new task, make sure you give yourself some time between each of your chores. The time is especially useful for draining, mentally challenging projects. Set a timer for at least ten minutes. During this time, you can take a short walk, sip your favourite drink from one of your favourite Manchester diners, or do some yoga. Use this time to psych yourself up for the next task on your to-do list.

A man wearing a black pants and black sneakers while he is walking in the street.

7.) Break Down Large Tasks Into Smaller Ones

Because of the constant risk of easily getting distracted, adults with ADHD will always have trouble with long, tedious tasks. So instead of taking down each large work, you can break them into smaller steps. This will keep your momentum going as each one isn’t as intimidating as taking on the bigger picture. Make sure you focus only on the next doable step. With each step on a notepad, or on sticky notes and post them within your line of sight. Take down every task that you complete. So you won’t get confused.

A woman sitting, holding her phone while her other hand is holding a pen to write on the notepad.

8.) Utilize A Planner

Most adults with ADHD would agree that the only way to keep track of their tasks is to write them down in a planner. Each task should be jotted down the way it is assigned. Otherwise, it will be displaced by your new thoughts, requests, facts, or gossip. Have a planner of your own and make it a habit to jot down all of your ideas, as well as your upcoming appointments. Finally, never EVER leave home without it.

A notebook planner placed on the table with a ball pens on top of it.

9.) Mark Your Deadlines & Make It Visible

Determine your deadlines and post it where you can see it. Constantly seeing your deadline will keep reminding you to use your time wisely. Monitor and highlight your to-do list in your planner, all while posting sticky notes  on the wall, in your desk, or creating a wallpaper in your computer that reads, “Feb 21 or you’re screwed!”

10.) Ditch The Negativities

Any negative thoughts are counterproductive, which means we need to remove all of the doubts in our heads when it comes to doing our tasks. Develop positive thoughts and think about the benefits you get once you finally complete what you’re doing. The more you doubt your capabilities to finish a task, the more you get contented with not finishing it at all. So whatever you might be doing right now, do yourself a favour and encourage yourself by thinking nothing but positive thoughts.

A man sitting down while holding and looking at the scenery photo.

Stop Loving Your ADHD And Start Getting Things Done

Sometimes the reason why you fail to get things done is that you love your ADHD conditions way too much. You always listen to what you feel and think. Your productivity levels are plummeting each day. Follow the steps above and start boosting your productivity. You will soon realise that being productive doesn’t have to be much of a stretch for you. All it needs is a few life-changing habits, and you’re a brand-new person.

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