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4 Tips To Get Focused While Having ADHD


Anyone who’s diagnosed with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder – child or adult – can tell you how much it can meddle with their daily lives. It can happen everywhere – at work, at school, at home, and even in social settings. Most say that it begins in your childhood, but keep in mind that ADHD affects both children and adults. Early and immediate ADHD treatment is crucial to the effective management of emotions, tasks, and one’s entire life. This article tackles the tips to get focused while having ADHD.

However, treatment is not going to be enough if we rely solely on it. If you are someone who is currently having problems with keeping focus and maintaining a calm and collective demeanour, you can use different effective strategies to hone your focus successfully. Keep in mind that first attempts typically doesn’t work, so don’t get frustrated if you fail at first. What’s important is your commitment to finding what will work best for you.

To give you a head start, here are the four tips to get focused:

1.) Deep Breathing

Stress can take a massive toll on everyone, but people who have ADHD commonly suffer more. They easily get overwhelmed and frustrated than normal people. If you feel like your stress is getting the best of you, try taking deep breaths. For people with ADHD, their blood doesn’t flow directly to the part of their brain where high-decisions are being made. Deep breathing can help calm and relax the mind, promoting more blood to flow to your brain and enabling it to function well and focus better.

a woman who's doing deep breath in the garden

2.) Write Everything Down

The ADHD brain’s ability to focus is often limited to only one thing at a time, which makes remembering other things difficult. Things like additional information, meetings, and tasks outside that one they are currently “lasered in.” The solution to this disadvantage is simple: write everything down. People with ADHD can easily focus on a task while still remembering other things when they write it down. Always keep a notebook or anything you can write on to grasp ideas before they fade from your consciousness.

a woman sitting in the grass with a notebook and write something

3.) Combine Therapy and Medication

Undergoing cognitive behavioural therapy with your ADHD psychologist, while also taking the medication prescribed by an ADHD specialist, can help control symptoms a lot more, as well as mend procrastination and frustration. The presence of both ADHD treatment will help you develop skills on how you can manage your ADHD, which will also contribute towards the improvement of your ability to focus.

two persons talking with each other

4.) Stop Counting Every Detail

Some people with ADHD are too attentive to details that they end up focusing more on the small ones, losing their track to the bigger picture and end up not accomplishing the more important tasks. If all of this sounds too familiar to you, then you need to do something about it right away. When completing tasks, you can use a timer to set your brain to finish the entire thing before you consider looking at the smaller, less important details. If you’re trying to organize your home, workspace, or even your life, consider creating a 30-day plan. The plan needs to consists of accomplishing a single portion before jumping to another, making sure you don’t get overwhelmed in the process.

different things placed at the top of the table

At the end of the day, focusing will still be hard for people with ADHD. But with these four useful tips, along with undergoing proper ADHD treatment, the future is bright for you and your chances to finally overcome and manage your condition.

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