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75 Tips & Tricks to Properly Manage Your ADHD Symptoms: PART 4 [42-55]


We’re already halfway through our list of 75 tricks and tips for properly managing your ADHD symptoms. As a recap of part three, we tackled item numbers 27 through 41, all of which covered ADHD in the Kitchen and Mothers with ADHD. As reiterated in this series, these tried and tested strategies are for people with any type of ADHD. We’re hoping this list will help cope up and manage any associated symptoms. Again, if you’re new to this series, we suggest you read the previous entries before moving on. Let’s continue with items number 42-55, covering both ‘tips to remember things’ and ‘handling mobile apps and electronic gadgets.’

Remembering Things

42.) Try the windshield trick.

Are you constantly forgetting to bring your purse, phone, or any everyday essential whenever you leave your home? Use a dry erase marker and write down reminders. Place this reminder in places where you can look them to check if you have everything you need before you head out – e.g., in the dining table, on the fridge, in your front door, or in the driver’s side of your car.

43.) Never forget your thoughts again.

Make it a habit of sending yourself phone messages and emails. You can take advantage of the voice-controlled assistant on your smartphone (Google, Siri, Cortana, etc.) to make a note for you or add an appointment to your personal calendar.

44.) Start talking on your phone.

While we’re talking about smartphones, you can also make use of it voice memo feature to instantly capture your best ideas and even make one for your long grocery list so you can guarantee that you’ll never forget them when you’re already in the store.

woman talking on a phone

45.) Stumble over to remember.

If you constantly forget something you absolutely can’t leave home without, try putting it on the floor directly in your path when you get up in the morning. That way, you either stumble over it or pick it up. Either way, you’d remember to bring it with you when you leave your house. Just make sure that no other stumbles over but you.

46.) Place post-its in your bathroom.

Always remember that the best ideas always happen in the unlikeliest of places – one being your bathroom. So to avoid bright ideas from slipping from the grasps of your mind, always keep a pen and post-its inside your bathroom – preferrable near your toilet or your sink – so you can write messages to yourself. Once you’re done jotting down your ideas, stick them on the mirror or anywhere you can clearly see it.

Managing Apps and Other Electronic Gadgets

47.) Take advantage of your phone camera.

The camera is one the most valuable features your smartphone can offer. You can use it to snap a photo of your car and where you parked it, gift ideas you get while you were shopping the other day, or even dinner ideas when you go to the grocery store.

48.) Notes for tracking home routines.

Using your smartphone’s note feature, you can schedule and track chores, appointments, and other routines at home for your entire family.

49.) Try Pzizz.

As what their tagline says, “Sleep at the push of a button.” If you’re having sleeping problems, this amazing app can help put you into a deep meditative state. A lot of people diagnosed with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) have testified towards the effectiveness of this app in helping them fall asleep.

50.) EpicWin – the ultimate to-do list.

If you’re having trouble getting your kids to do their chores, you can use EpicWin. The app is like a game-slash-to-do-list that everyone – including you – can enjoy. All you need to do is download the app, choose a character for each of your kids, and go! Check the official app page for more details.

51.) Smartphones are your lifesaver.

Your smartphone is basically an ADHD management device. There are tons of default apps installed that can help manage your ADHD. Here are some of them:

Note – Record and keep track of everything in your life.

Timer – Use the timer to make sure you start and finish on time for all of your activities.

Camera – Take photos of important events, upcoming appointments, and things you need to remember.

Alarm Clock – Make sure you never wake up late.

52.) Utilize a Step Tracker.

Exercising is essential for the ADHD brain. It contributes to better neural connections and overall health. Invest in apps like Fitbit or Nike+, which both tracks steps, sleep, and even heart rate. These apps can also function as a watch, making sure that you’re always on time for an appointment.

53.) Synchronize your tasks electronically.

Always lean towards your calendar app. Apps like Google calendar, or even the one on your smartphone, can be synced with the rest of your electronic devices – whether it be your phone, tablet, computer, and so on. You can also create multiple calendars so your ADHD brain will never miss an appointment or important events of each day.

54.) Remember your passwords with LastPass.

As a person with ADHD, there will always be instances where you will forget passwords for your accounts online. Prevent this from happening by investing in the number one password manager online, LastPass. With this app, you can easily store all of them and open them instantly on any device.

55.) Invest in Power Banks.

If you constantly find your smartphone low on battery life (because you forgot to close an app or your music), having a power bank is extremely handy for you. It enables you to charge any time, anywhere.

To be Continued

That’s all for now. The series continues next week, until we’ve covered the entire 75 tips and tricks for properly managing your ADHD. Stay tuned for part five.

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