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75 Tips & Tricks to Properly Manage Your ADHD Symptoms: PART 6 [64-75]

We’ve come to the 6th and final installment of the “75 Tips & Tricks to Manage Your ADHD Symptoms” series Properly. We are currently down to the last 12 tips, covering both “Managing Your ADHD,” and “Your Personal ADHD Life.” As a recap, part five discussed items number 56 to 63, covering topics under “Household Essentials” and “Money Management.”

As what has been reiterated throughout this series, these strategies are tried and tested for people who are suffering from attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. As the series comes to a close, we hope the tips and tricks showcased in this series gave light to your mind and gave you all the necessary tools to combat your everyday encounters with your ADHD.

ADHD Management

64.) Fish Oil? Freeze it. There has been some evidence that the omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil can help improve ADHD symptoms. So it’s no surprise that you are keeping an entire container of fish oil supplements right now. If you do, try storing it in your freezer to prevent it from getting rancid. Know that capsules that have been chilled get further down your digestive systems before it melts, enabling you to reap the benefits of fish oil without having the burps.

65.) Use blue lights, instead of red on your alarm clock.  To get up in the morning effectively, use an alarm clock with blue light, as the blue colour helps wake up your brain. That means you will never have to get back to bed after you’ve snoozed your alarm clock.

66.) Work during the night. Some people with ADHD are generally night owls. They are typically more active when everything is dark and quiet. If you’re not partying at the most prominent night out districts in Manchester, you can get some unfinished work done during the night. So instead of trying your best to work in the morning, why not change things up and start working at night? The distractions are at a minimum, and you can concentrate more. If you do have a day job, make sure not to stay up too late, else your productivity during the day falls since you are too tired.

67.) Recharge Your Body With Calmness. The ADHD brain needs a break every once in a while. This might be easier said than done, but to fully gain back your energy, you need to sit still for a few minutes. Take a deep breath and slowly raise your shoulders. Afterwards, exhale slowly while lowering your shoulders. Repeat this process at least four times to feel calm and refocused.

Your Personal Life (+ ADHD)

69.) Use A Bag/Purse with a lot of Pockets. You’re probably aware by now that single-zipper bags don’t work well for you. It easily gets your things unorganised and cluttered. You’ve probably experienced having to empty your backpack just to find something. So to avoid the confusion, replace your old bag with a new one that’s filled with different pockets. These pockets help you organise the things you pack so you can easily find them. You can shop online until you find the one that will fit all of your stuff.

70.) Match EVERYTHING in advance. Whether it be your daily outfit, shoes, or jewellery, you need to mix and match everything so you won’t get stuck at the beginning of your day just trying to find something to wear. It might take quite a bit of getting used to, but it will all be worth it when you manage to line up your working clothes for the coming week.

71.) You Dog Needs Some Organization, Too. It takes a huge responsibility if you want to raise a dog. Just like your ADHD, they also need special treatment. Give them regular walks, a mealtime schedule, and of course all the love and care in the world.

72.) Organize Your Makeup. To get out of the house quickly, create a quick and fast beauty regimen. Use a plastic organiser that has compartments for your lipstick, eyelash extensions, and so on. You can leave it in your bathroom, so you won’t have to go to each end of your room just to wear your makeup.

73.) Have an unused glove compartment? Make sure you carry your must-haves you a glove compartment. Whether it be registration documents, insurance cards, a small flashlight, extra napkins, pens or pencils, and essentially every useful thing that can fit.

74.) Utilize Baskets for different Projects. Do you have too many projects to process all at the same time? You can group each paperwork and all of its necessities into different baskets. That way, you can easily access each project without getting confused.

And lastly,

75.) Schedule your Routine Maintenance. For routine maintenance appointments such as oil change for your car, tax filing deadlines, and appointments with your doctor, set a recurring reminder on your phone, or in your online calendar. That way you are sure not to miss these important dates.

Dominate Your ADHD

Having ADHD doesn’t have to mean having limitations in your daily life. Break the barrier and thrive with these 75 useful tips and tricks for managing your ADHD Symptoms. Again, if you are new to this series, we’d suggest you consider reading the previous five parts. We’re going to make series like this to help you cope up with your daily struggles, manage your ADHD, and live a normal life.

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