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75 Tips & Tricks to Properly Manage Your ADHD Symptoms: PART 3 [27-41]

26 down, 49 items to go. Our journey continues as we count down 75 tricks and tips for properly managing your ADHD symptoms. As a recap of part two, we tackled numbers 18 through 26, all of which covered social skills and calming emotions.
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75 Tips & Tricks to Properly Manage Your ADHD Symptoms: PART 3 [27-41]


26 down, 49 items to go. Our journey continues as we count down 75 tricks and tips for properly managing your ADHD symptoms. As a recap of part two, we tackled numbers 18 through 26, all of which covered social skills and calming emotions.  Again, these tried and tested strategies will work for any type of ADHD and help cope up and manage any associated symptoms. If you’re new to this series, we suggest you read part one and two first before moving on. Let’s continue with item numbers 27 to 41, covering both ADHD in the Kitchen and Mums with ADHD.

ADHD in the Kitchen

27.) What should I cook for Dinner?

Can’t decide? Help your ADHD brain by writing 7 to 10 dinner ideas on small cards. So the next time you can’t decide, you can randomly pull out a card and cook whatever’s written on it. You can also list the ingredients for each recipe on the back of the card so you’ll be 100% ready.

28.) I bought everything but forgot the milk!

If you keep forgetting ingredients and items at the grocery store, you can research for the full recipe and save it on your phone. When you’re in the grocery store, you can quickly retrieve and check the recipe to make sure you do not forget anything.

29.) Drink plenty (and plenty) of water.

Your brain is made up of 80 percent of water. Make sure you and your family are hydrated by drinking at least eight to 10 glasses of water each day.

30.) Use a pressure/slow cooker.

Utilizing a combination of a pressure cooker and slow cooker can drastically reduce cooking time by 75 percent. So even if you forget to thaw the chicken you’re supposed to roast that evening, you can still serve dinner in just minutes.

31.) Create a grocery list and pin it on your fridge.

We easily forget things or buy too much when we go to the grocery store. To prevent this from happening, create a grocery list containing only the items that you need and post it on the fridge. You can update your list every week. When grocery day comes, you can grab your list and be on your way, knowing that you’re not going to forget anything nor buy too much (the latter is still up to you, though).

32.) Keep your sink half-full.

Wasting water is never a good idea, so run the dishwasher half-full to prevent moldy dishes from sitting in the kitchen sink. It’s a necessary ADHD atactic. You can also conserve energy by avoiding the heated dry cycle.

33.) Got Soup?

Running out of ideas on what to cook? You can never go wrong with going for soup. It’s healthy, satisfying, and simple to make. Your ADHD will love it.

Mums with ADHD

34.) Make it fun!

You’re having a hard time getting your kids to put away their toys. Instead of scolding them, make the task fun for them and encourage them to do the job without being forced. Set a timer for 15 minutes, and tell them that whoever puts away their toys first will win a reward from Mummy (you get to choose what prize you’ll give them).

35.) I don’t like having rules at home.

Of course, you do – you have ADHD.  But keep in mind that your kids can thrive on having set standards at home. So even if you hate it, have some rules at home that your children can follow. Set their bedtime routine, along with other activities that they should do before it (taking a bath, for instance) and hang them to places where they can see it, like in the bathroom and the bedroom.

36.) Set the tone every morning.

Always remind yourself that each morning is an opportunity for you to shower positive vibes to everyone and make them feel great throughout the day. Don’t spend your morning picking on your kids, and instead, set a positive tone not only for you but every member of your family.

37.) Bond with your kids any way you can.

Are your kids hard-headed and not doing their chores? You can encourage them to do so by organizing a bonding moment with them. Work alongside them and have fun while you’re doing it. Doing so is like hitting two birds with one stone: You can get things done while spending quality time with your children.

38.) Let them Score.

If you can’t get your kids to throw their dirty clothes in the laundry, get a toy basketball hoop and place it over their bedroom door with a laundry basket underneath and voila! Problem solved.

39.) Don’t forget your homework.

If your child has finished doing his homework, make sure they place it on their backpack by checking it before they go to bed and before they leave school the next morning. You can have a checklist of the things that should be in your child’s backpack (e.g., their homework, activity books, pencil, paper, etc.).

40.) Compile everything separately.

We tend to store every document we have at home in a single container, which would result in confusion when we start looking for important files. To prevent that from ever happening, buy coloured binders – one for each member of the family – and store their records and other important papers that you will regularly be accessing. Don’t forget to have a binder for your own files. It can contain bills, names and phone number, medical records, your ADHD progress reports, upcoming events, and so on.

41.) Don’t pressure everyone to do what you want them to.

You hate it when your husband’s socks aren’t matching. But ask yourself, is arguing with them really worth it? Will it solve the issue? The obvious answer is no, so just cut them some slack and both of you will be happier at the end of the day.

To be Continued

That’s all for now, but be reminded that this series will continue until we’ve covered the entire 75 tips and tricks for properly managing your ADHD. Stay tuned for part four next week.

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