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8 Useful Tips for Parents of Children with ADHD


A number of techniques and strategies has been discovered that can help parents improve their children with ADHD.

Listed are the 8 useful tips that can help parents with their children’s improvement, behaviour and school achievement  


1. Parenting Techniques Must Be Adapted to Kids with ADHD

To help children with ADHD having time out is a classic example of behaviour modification tools, helping them to control some impulsive behaviours. Though, this intervention may have some limitations.

Parents are usually advised to apply a minute of time out every year of age and 6 minutes for a six-year-old. Moreover, Psychologists recommends applying 30% of the rule to kids with ADHD. Thus, being sensitive to children’s situation with ADHD can make parenting much easier.


2. Use Reward, not Punishment

Children with ADHD easy to cope with into rewards than being punished. To adapt this technique with a time-out to a child so it could be more effective, be lenient to a child and give him a reward. Moreover, it would actually help you to understand a child with ADHD. In addition, correcting your child’s mistakes by showing what he should rather do is a better way to make him feel that he was not being punished.


3. Leverage the Child’s Aspiration for Positive Attention

Selective attention can be a very helpful technique when it comes to improving on ignoring the inappropriate behaviour of a child with ADHD. It is by showing a positive reaction to child’s irritating behaviours and giving appraisals to every child’s improvement. In this way, the child would feel he is being rewarded and control their behaviour on their own.


4. Teamwork Works with ADHD

Both parents and children must work together that includes relaxation exercises shows to improve concentration and reduce frustration. Furthermore, they’ll gonna have a good quality time and improve their relationship.

“I can” attitude produces an effect that leads to greater improvements in behaviour and learning achievement. Teaching problem-solving skills and social skills to children and parents improves motivation and self-esteem.


5. Young Children with ADHD Respond Well to Touch

Children with ADHD requires a lot physical contact, this is by means of touch, hug and tickling them.


6. Aim on child’s strengths daily – more than a parent would do to a child who does not have ADHD

Give recognition to your child, appreciate and praise their strengths, interests, and abilities. By this, it would compensate any imperfections they have.


7. Practice Motor Skill Improvement to Reduce Frustration

Form motor skills also open new doors to analysis, learning, and creative expression. In fact, research shows that significance on intellectual activities–memorisation of letters and numbers, particularly far less useful at this stage than pursuits that encourage habit motor abilities and hand-eye coordination. These skills–rather than counting or reciting the alphabet.


8. Consistency Pays

Being consistent is good advice for any parent. It is important for parents with a young ADHD child. An impulsive unmanageable behaviour needs a “quick fix” according to exhausted parents.To see it work they tend to try more strategy. The suggested techniques should be applied consistently to achieve success with a young attention disordered child.

8 Useful Tips for Parents of Children with ADHD
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8 Useful Tips for Parents of Children with ADHD
A number of techniques and strategies has been discovered that can help parents improve their children with ADHD.
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