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What is the ADHD Medication?

Stimulants are the doctor’s first choice when it comes to giving a prescription to their patients. This is because it helps calm the individuals who have ADHD.  It takes in a form of a skin patch, capsule, pill or liquid and usually lasts up to 4 to 12 hours at most.

However, stimulants do not work for everyone. If this is the case, then, non-stimulants are given to the patient.

Non-stimulants prescribed to those patients who are sleepless and agitated.

There are also instances where doctor prescribe Antidepressants, especially when the patient has a mood disorder, anxiety, or depression.

What are the benefits of ADHD Medication?

Although Medication for ADHD has helped our clients in several ways, most especially in managing symptoms for ADHD. Medications cannot cure ADHD.

They only help the patients control their emotions and to stay focused. This is why doctors recommend that their patients to take medication during their therapy.

Medications do not work for everyone for the cause that every person has different needs. This is why a physician should be closely monitoring during the patient’s medication.

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What is CBT?

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CBT is the acronym for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. It is a manner of treatment created to improve an individual’s happiness through modifying their dysfunctional behaviours, thoughts and emotions. It is aimed to educate the client that their negative thoughts can be their impediment in unlocking their ultimate potentials.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is an intervention given to individuals who have ADHD to help them stay focused on a task while giving encouragements along the way. It targets to improve an individual’s time management, planning, goal setting, organisation and problem solving.

Some circumstances calls for both CBT and Coaching to be combined. The evidence gathered from studies conducted shows that combining the two will give best results.

What are the benefits of ADHD Coaching?

Our Coaching for ADHD culminated exceptional results in our client’s daily life and functioning. The focus of our coaches is to improve the client’s daily experiences through teaching them new skills which includes:

  • Increasing Focus through neglecting possible distractions
  • Tuning their sleeping patterns
  • Improve their decision making
  • Controlling their impulsive behaviour
  • Make a healthy relationship with their personal and professional life

Our clients have learned how to deal with their problems that involve self-management through our behaviour specialist coaches. These  are the problems that individuals with ADHD often experience:

  • Keeping their Motivation
  • Time Management
  • Finishing Work on time
  • Keeping their Focus
  • Impulsivity
  • Less Social Skills

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When a child undergoes ADHD Treatment, they are not the only ones involved. Parents go through the same things when it comes to dealing with their child too. It is essential for the parents to be determined in helping their child.

Our experts have thoroughly designed a programme that is aimed to help parents in managing their child’s behaviour.

It is important for the parents to stay positive, know what they’re doing, and particularly, have them believe their child along the duration of the workshop. This is because the parents are just as important as the physicians during the treatment. Most of the children who goes through our treatment need someone to support them during the treatment.

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Well Being

It is common knowledge that one must take care of themselves. One of the ways of taking care of ourselves is by exercising.

The release of the hormone called dopamine is increased whenever we exercise. This simply means that whenever the person with ADHD exercises, their dopamine is increased, therefore improving their focus and attention span.

Endorphins are also released during an excessive exercise. These hormones are the body’s response to pain. Endorphins help soothe the pain, thus giving our body that ‘good-feeling’ and euphoria after we exercise.

What is Mindfulness Meditation?

It is an alternative treatment for ADHD where an individual gives an extra attention to their thoughts, emotions and other body sensations.

How can Mindfulness help those who have ADHD?

Mindfulness Meditation helps develop the patient’s skills such as managing their attention and managing their focus. Not only that, it also helps the patient to be aware of their emotional state. If the patient is aware of their emotional state, their tendency to react impulsively is lessened, which is the common problem for those individuals who have ADHD.

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