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ADHD in Couples

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Relationships and ADHD

ADHD is a chronic neuro-behavioural disorder disrupting a person’s sense of focus, attention and responses. Understanding the effects of ADHD in adult relationships lets you develop approaches that you and your partner can work on. These approaches can help you and your partner interact more positively and not only can it help improve your relationship, but can also give room for each other’s growth.

Relationships and commitments, where one or both of the couple have ADHD, can be troubled by misunderstandings, frustration, and anger. Because of these difficulties, some relationships falter. These issues appear either because you or your partner fail to recognize the presence of ADHD in your relationship or you remain unsure of what to do about it. You may be flooded with doubts and can feel that your relationship is incurable. We shed some light for couples by letting them know there is still a great chance to cope with their ADHD relationship.

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If you and/or your partner suspects that one or both you have ADHD, it can be very challenging. ADHD can bring negative effects in relationships but it doesn’t have to be the case. Recognizing ADHD and identifying the role it plays in your relationship can provide an avenue for understanding and a path forward.

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How Does ADHD Affect Relationships?

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Wondering if your problems might be explained by the presence of ADHD in marriage or relationships? If you see these patterns, we recommend you pursue the possibility that ADHD may be impacting your relationship.

As an ADHD partner, you may feel:

  • Unfocused
  • Inattentive to your partner’s need
  • May appear “insensitive” and “irresponsible”
  • Feels nagged and constantly criticized
  • Have a hard time expressing one’s self

As the non-ADHD partner, you may feel:

  • Unloved and ignored
  • The burden of having to do all the chores
  • Confused and resentful about your ADHD partner’s sudden shift of attention
  • Worn-out over time

How Does ADHD Affect Relationships?

Relationships with ADHD can often be characterised by sudden and inappropriate outbursts of extreme emotions. Symptoms of ADHD can cause strain in your relationships. Some can turn into a parent-child relationship. Repeating cycles of these can have a great impact and may increase conflict on your relationships and marriages.

In ADHD relationships, it is important to be compassionate, patient and to work together as a team. Instead of giving up to ADHD, embrace a positive change. Reinvent and strengthen your relationship and see the brighter side of the picture. Recognize your partner’s strengths instead of focusing on faults.

How We Can Help You and Your ADHD Partner

Break free from suffering from an ADHD-challenged relationship. At The ADHD Centre, we offer a combination of the latest evidence-based medications, support, education, coaching and holistic therapy to help couples in managing ADHD symptoms that can affect relationships. There are various activities for both the ADHD and non-ADHD partners to help cope with the challenges you are facing.

We have been helping ADHD couples since 2009. Here at The ADHD Centre, we provide Couples Counselling for couples all throughout the UK. We work hand in hand with couples and direct their relationship to focus more on areas that need strengthening and equip them with the necessary real life skills to face their relationship problems head on. The ADHD Centre believes that an effective Couples Therapy service should highly alleviate the negativity brought about by the presence of ADHD in your relationships.

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