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ADHD in the Workplace – 7 Tips to Boost Productivity And Efficiency


You have a job — a challenging one, and you also have attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. In ADHD Workplace, having ADHD as a worker would mean you’re also struggling with issues like impulsivity and inattention, which affects your ability to organize complex projects and accomplish daily tasks. You need Adult ADHD treatment and medication, but at the same time, you also need to balance your triggering ADHD tendencies with your duties in the workplace. You’re probably about to get sacked because your employer sees that you’re slacking off and not doing your best.

ADHD Workplace: ADHD At Work

Being an adult with ADHD can be hard, especially when you’re at work. ADHD, once ignored and untreated, can become an extreme liability at work. It can hinder your performance, and your superiors might think that you’re on a decline. But in reality, you’re suffering from your ADHD symptoms, and you can’t help it. Losing productivity at work would result in frustration, stress, and possibilities of getting terminated.

But there’s a way.

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Boost Your Productivity Despite Having ADHD

Aside from undergoing a comprehensive adult treatment for ADHD, there are ways that you can do to stay productive and efficient at work, even if you’re under the influence of ADHD. Looking at the bright side, having ADHD at work isn’t all negative, as it can also reward you with some incredible benefits, like the following:

  • Unrivaled innovation
  • Compelling interpersonal skills
  • Effective leadership

ADHD can be good if you know the ways on how you can contain it. The trick to getting things done without any issue is to learn how to anticipate your daily challenges and build systems to get them done. Turn your ADHD from a detriment to an asset by using these seven tips to be more productive and efficient at work.

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Tip #1: Go Through Your Inbox At Set Intervals.

Stop wasting your day by checking your emails every minute. Instead of always checking your email, work towards diving into your unread folders at set intervals, probably every hour or two. If you find it hard to check the time, you can set an alarm, add this small change to your daily to-do list, or work to prioritize your replies.

Tip #2: Reduce Your Distractions

Limiting the amount of distraction can be a challenge for someone with ADHD. But you can’t overcome something unless you try, right? So work towards lessening the amount of disturbance you get by asking your co-workers not to disturb you while you’re working unless it’s extremely important or a scheduled meeting/discussion.

Tip #3: Get Active Physically Before Diving into your Work

Before you get into the daily grind at work, make sure you activate your entire body and mind by doing a few physical activities. Try walking to your workplace, or go up and down on the stairs. Getting physically active primes your brand and gets it ready for the executive functions up ahead.

Tip #4: Improve Your Reading with Colours

People with ADHD are very attentive to different shades of colours. Use this fact to improve your reading by incorporating colors to boost your comprehension. When reading from a digital material, use the highlighting tool to reinforce your attention and perception.

a person highlighting a certain words on a tablet;

Tip #5: Spare 20 Minutes a Day to Organize

Most of the time, the desk of a worker with ADHD is filled with stacks of paperwork. These people suffer from finishing tasks, so the best way to combat this disadvantage is to organize. Easier said than done, I know, but organizing is your one-way ticket to getting things done and clear up your desk. Spend at least 20 minutes a day to organize everything. It’s only a small amount of time, but it can be a total difference maker.

Tip #6: Handle Deadline By Utilizing Google Calendar.

One way to handle deadlines without missing a beat is to constantly be reminded about the tasks that you should be accomplishing. By using Google Calendar, you can schedule dates for deadlines and set email reminders to constantly be updated with the things that you should be doing.

Tip #7: Constantly Take Notes during Meetings

ADHD is also associated with constant forgetfulness. To avoid overlooking important points during a discussion, make it a habit of taking copious notes. Constantly taking notes will not only help you focus but will also provide an avenue for restlessness, which would contribute to your overall productivity.


Having ADHD is not a negative thing. There are a lot of successful people who also have ADHD. But what separates them from you is that they know what it takes to contain their condition. You can also be among these people, too. You can start by following these seven super-effective tips on how to be productive and efficient at work. Of course, nothing beats a holistic ADHD treatment that will help you contain your illness. There are various ADHD clinics like the ADHD Centre in London that features professional ADHD doctors and specialists that can help you deal with your ADHD.

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