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ADHD and Students

Being a student can be a tough and critical transition time in a young person’s life. Students are compelled to different academic and non-academic bustles – assignments, projects, examinations, theatre, sports and other co-curricular activities. Having an ADHD impairs the executive function of our brain that we mainly use in school and work. Here are the most common problems that students with ADHD usually encounter:

We have established links with most of the major academic institutions and will work closely with your school, college or university to ensure that you are given the extra help and accommodations that you are entitled to.

These may include:

Extra time in exams
Extended deadlines on coursework
Educational support sessions
Help with preparing lecture materials
  • Difficulty in functioning in a busy and noisy surrounding resulting to unproductivity during working hours
  • You quickly become too emotional and petty things push you over the top
  • You find it hard to settle and relax
  • A student often makes careless mistakes since they won’t pay close attention to details
  • Find it difficult to concentrate on one thing
  • Struggles with listening when others are talking
  • Difficulty in following instructions properly.
  • Have a hard time organizing activities
  • Gets easily distracted.
  • Forgets daily tasks or activities.
  • Squirms and fidgets in their seats.
  • Gets up most of the time when everyone is expected to remain seated
  • Is incapable of being silent
  • Talks a lot
  • Interrupts when others are talking.

teen having a problematic emotion

The ADHD Centre runs a specialist student ADHD and general psychiatric clinic in which we offer a comprehensive diagnosis and treatments service for both overseas and home-grown students. Our ADHD treatment packages usually involve a combination of the latest evidence-based medications, which have been shown to be safe and highly effective in clinical practice, and working with a Specialist ADHD Coach, using Cognitive Behavioural Techniques and a Strengths-Based Positive Psychology approach.

To access the latest evidence-based treatments for ADHD.

Setting up a Shared Care Agreement with your GP

girl student having a consultation

If you choose to go on medication, once you are on a stable regime, then if you wish, we can set up a Shared Care Agreement with your GP so that they can take over the prescribing of any medication that may be indicated in your treatment plan. We have standard protocol documents for this procedure. This would mean that your prescription would then become an NHS prescription and therefore charged at their standard rate. Please note we cannot guarantee a Shared Care arrangement with your GP. We would encourage you to discuss your plans for a Shared Care Agreement with your GP before you commence on treatment with the ADHD centre, so that they are informed and involved early on.

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