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ADHD? Summer is Your Season!

Often, navigating the landscape of neurodiversity involves examining the complexities that lie at the intersection of different conditions. One such intriguing intersection is the relationship between Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD).
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ADHD? Summer is Your Season!


Summer is a time we associate with sunshine, fun, and energy. Although this year’s season has been sluggish to start with disappointing weather, it can be especially wonderful for those with ADHD. It offers many benefits that help focus, creativity, and overall well-being. The longer days and warmer weather provide more opportunities for outdoor activities, which can be incredibly beneficial for managing ADHD symptoms.

At The ADHD Centre, we understand what living with ADHD is like. We’re here to support adults and children with assessments, diagnosis, and treatment. Our team knows your challenges and is dedicated to helping you find strategies that work for you. Let us show you why summer might be the best time of year for you.

The Freedom of Unstructured Time


One of the most liberating aspects of summer is the break from rigid schedules. School is out, work schedules can be replaced with annual leave, and a general sense of relaxation is in the air. This unstructured time allows those with ADHD to thrive. Without the pressure of back-to-back commitments, there’s room for spontaneous adventures and creative pursuits, which can be incredibly beneficial for anyone with ADHD.

Natural Boost of Vitamin D

Summer sunshine means more opportunities to soak up vitamin D. This essential nutrient improves mood and supports cognitive function. For anyone with ADHD, spending time outside in the sun can lead to increased focus and a more positive outlook. Outdoor activities such as walking, wild swimming, and playing sports provide physical exercise and stimulate the mind, even reducing symptoms of ADHD for some people.

Embrace Physical Activity


Physical activity is a cornerstone of managing ADHD symptoms. The warm summer weather invites many outdoor activities that can keep children and adults with ADHD engaged. From biking to football, swimming to tennis, the options are endless. These activities help channel excess energy, improve concentration, and reduce hyperactivity. Plus, the sense of accomplishment after a day of physical activity, a true testament to your strength and resilience, can boost self-esteem and happiness. Find out more about how the power of exercise can help ADHD symptoms HERE

Creative Outlets


Summer is the perfect time to start new creative projects. Whether painting, writing, building, or gardening, the season’s longer days provide ample time to explore new hobbies and interests. Creative activities are excellent for those with ADHD, providing a focused outlet for energy and ideas. Encouraging children and adults to engage in arts and crafts, music, or any other creative pursuit can help improve focus and reduce stress. Unlock your hidden talents with ADHD to fuel your creativity HERE 

Social Opportunities

With the holiday season in full swing, summer offers numerous social opportunities. Camps, sports teams, and local events allow you to connect with others in more relaxed settings. These interactions can improve social skills, build friendships, and provide a sense of community. For children, summer camps tailored to their interests can be particularly beneficial, offering structured yet fun environments where they can thrive. This list of holiday camps is UK-wide and offers activities for ADHD children or find more fun activities tailored for ADHD children HERE.  It’s also worth checking social media for events happening in your area. Follow The ADHD Centre on  Facebook or Instagram; we often share helpful information.

Mindfulness in Nature


Nature has a calming effect, and summer is the ideal time to experience it. Walking in the woods, meditating by a lake, or lying in a park can help you to practise mindfulness. You can practise by focusing on your breath, even if you’re on the move. Pay attention to each breath as you inhale and exhale. Bring your awareness back to your breath whenever your mind starts to wander. 

This can be incredibly beneficial for managing symptoms, as mindfulness techniques are known to improve focus and reduce anxiety. Encourage taking a moment each day to connect with nature, whether through a quiet walk or a peaceful moment watching the sunset. 

If you need structure, try guided meditation recordings or mindfulness-based apps. These guides can lead you through various techniques while keeping your mind focused. Try Headspace for £2.92 per month. There are also some great free versions, such as Insight Timer and Health Minds Programme.

We also offer an excellent mindfulness course tailored for ADHD. Find out more about it HERE 

Travel and New Experiences

Travelling during summer can be particularly rewarding if you have ADHD. New experiences stimulate the brain, providing a fresh perspective and often reducing symptoms of boredom and restlessness. Whether it’s a family holiday, a weekend road trip, or exploring a new hobby in your hometown, these experiences can be enriching and fulfilling. Travel also provides opportunities to practise planning and organisation skills in a fun context. If you’re juggling work and the summer holiday, read our BLOG, which shows you how to have a successful summer even if you’re super busy.

Hydration and Nutrition

The importance of hydration and a balanced diet cannot be overstated, especially with ADHD. Summer’s heat encourages drinking more water, crucial for maintaining focus and energy levels. Additionally, the season’s abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables provides essential nutrients that support brain health. Encouraging a diet rich in these foods can improve overall well-being and help manage ADHD symptoms. If you want to know more about the impact diet can have on ADHD symptoms, read our blog: Proper Eating Habits: 5 Nutritional Principles That Every ADHD Person Should Follow

Sleep and Relaxation

Long summer days can lead to later bedtimes, but it’s essential to maintain a healthy sleep routine. Adequate sleep is critical for managing ADHD, as lack of sleep can exacerbate symptoms. However, the relaxed pace of summer can make it easier to wind down and establish a good sleep routine. Taking advantage of the longer evenings for relaxation and unwinding activities can improve sleep quality and overall health. We have lots of resources on sleep, including tips on how to get children to sleep better. Find them HERE 

Summer offers plenty of opportunities for anyone with ADHD. Combining outdoor activities, creative outlets, social opportunities, and the freedom from rigid schedules creates an environment where you can truly flourish. The ADHD Centre is dedicated to providing support and resources needed to make the most of every season. Whether through assessments, treatment, or simply offering advice on navigating ADHD, we’re here to help you make this summer the best.

Embrace the sunshine, explore new adventures, and enjoy summer’s vibrant energy. With the right support and a positive outlook, summer can be the perfect time to celebrate and harness ADHD’s unique strengths.

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