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Alexandra Loewe – A Leading ADHD Coach & Mindfulness Coach

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Alexandra Loewe

ADHD Coach & Mindfulness Coach

BMus, MA, DipTCA

Alexandra Loewe has worked for 25 years in education and mentoring, working with young people to develop their social and creative skills, with elderly with dementia to regain communication pathways and with adults and children on the autism and ADHD spectrum. She has worked in schools as a mindfulness practitioner and has developed a vocal health strategy incorporating mindfulness and confidence building.

She runs workshops in Emotional Intelligence and follows this up with one to one life coaching and personalised presentation skills programmes. She works as an ADHD coach with adults and children and has developed a programme to strengthen Executive Functions incorporating Mindfulness exercises and brain training games.

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Adults and Children Autism

Adults and Children ADHD

Education & Qualifications

Youth Mindfulness Practitioner

Qualified Personal Performance Life Coach

Evidence-Based Strategies for Managing ADHD Across the Lifespan Certificate

CBT and Advanced CBT Diploma

Mindfulness for Wellbeing and Peak Performance Online Course

Child Mental Health Centre CPD: are we medicalising human unhappiness?

CPD: Changing the ADHD brain: moving beyond medication

Awards and Recognitions

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