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10 Apps That Help Negate ADHD Symptoms in Adults & Develop Productive Habits


People with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder are victims of procrastination and disorganisation. ADHD symptoms in adults make time a valuable commodity; however, most of the time, people with ADHD waste their time and regret it afterwards. So when it comes to managing our time and being productive, we need all the help we can get. Fortunately, there are ADHD Apps that can help with improving your time-management skills and productivity.

Here Are 10 Of The Most Popular ADHD Apps That Any Person with ADHD will Find Handy


iOS: £2.26
Android: not available

Any type of checklist app will always be handy for you. However, Listatic takes that concept to a whole new level. This is an app that no adult with ADHD should be without. You can make any type of list you want: from your grocery list to your daily tasks at work, Listatic will help organise each of your to-do lists.

The App features three sections: active, later, and completed. Having these separate categories will help make things more organised and will give you a clear idea of which task you need to prioritise first. You can even colour-code each of your lists, hide the less important items, or also schedule a deadline or designated date for each one.

Finally, Listatic gives you the option to share your list with other people. Just tap the “share” button on any list and select the contact you would like to send it to. The App is amazingly convenient and super-easy to use – A must-have for people who feel overwhelmed by using traditional lists.

iOS: free
Android: free

Remember when you were a child when sticker charts helped build your habits? does just that The app features the combination of both a daily chart and social networking to help you track and record when and how often you’re doing a particular action. That means you will also be interacting with other users of the app in building productive habits.

The opportunity to be involved in a supportive community to either give or receive “props” (a feature similar to a “like” on Facebook) will increase the likelihood that you will take action. has various available habits, ranging from easy mode (“Floss your teeth,” “Clean Clutter”) to harder levels (“Wake Up On Time,” “Eat A Well-Balanced Meal”). Finally, the app will also give you daily tips and “pats on the back” for every time you complete a task.


iOS: free
Android: not available

Finish is like your mobile assistant. When you add a task, you will be selecting one of the three due date categories: “Short Term,” “Mid Term,” and “Long Term.” However, you will still be given the option to decide the number of days each of these specific phrases means. Instead of informing you the day that a task is due, Finish will tell you the period you have to complete it. Whenever a deadline gets closer to its due date, the app will notify you and move it from one-time category to another.

For people with ADHD, Finish has the “Focus Mode.” This mode lets you see only the most important tasks in your list and hides the rest, similar to Listatic. Overall, Finish is a convenient app that helps you prioritise your tasks and get things done more efficiently.


iOS: £11.34; £37.80 (Mac)
Android: £2.26

The 2Do app is used to manage checklists, simple reminders, and larger projects. The App features a clear tab system that not only enables the creation of lists but also to colour-code them by project or context. Having a coloured list is essential for visually-oriented people with ADHD. Users can sort each task by priority and due date. You can also add notes to each of your tasks, embed an audio record, and even add a photo.

Finally, 2Do lets you set aside not-so-important tasks to a later date, which is a handy feature for adults with ADHD.


iOS: free
Android: not available

30/30 is another useful app for people with ADHD who need to get things done efficiently. The app allows you to set countdown timers for every task you’re going to do all day long. 30/30 features gesture-based controls, making it very easy to use.

To make your day productive, all you have to do is to spend a few minutes of your time in the morning setting up your schedule in the app. Doing so will take the guesswork out of what you need to do next throughout the day. 30/30 lets you take time more seriously than ever before. This app will help you overcome all your negative habits and will even teach you new ones that will help you be productive.


iOS: free
Android: not available

If you’re looking for a clear and simple task manager, TeuxDeux is your ideal app. It gives you a view of five days at a time. During this period, you can assign deadlines of tasks. Space is also provided at the bottom of the app for listing tasks by project.

TeuxDeux is convenient as you can sync your account on both your phone and web browser, making sure that you will always have your updated tasks whether on your desktop or on the go

Epic Win

iOS: £1.50
Android: free

Sometimes a simple checklist app can get boring pretty quickly for people with ADHD. If you’re looking for an app that will spark both your interest and you’re productivity, you definitely need to try Epic Win.

Epic Win is a combination of a digital organiser and a role-playing game. In the app, you will select an avatar, then choose a task that you want to complete. You will pick up points, treasures and loot as you complete tasks.

Overall the gaming elements easily appeal to the ADHD break, motivating it to keep going and not get bored. Epic Win is a unique app in that it can both develop positive habits as well as keeping their interest levels high. The app is fun and interesting, which is perfect for anyone who has ADHD.


iOS: free
Android: free

The most popular app in this list, Evernote is not your typical notes app. It allows you to store text, photos, and even audio notes on your device. Having Evernote installed in your mobile means you will never have to worry about paper clutter ever again.

Evernote will also let you create notebooks and categorise notes for an upcoming vacation, product research, recipes, to-do lists, and more. The notes are also tagged with geolocation for mapping or search. All of your information is stored in one location, organised and easily accessible through a simple search.


iOS: £0.75
Android: not available

We might not notice this, but timers are one of the main reasons why people with ADHD tend not to get things done. Most people with ADHD who use timers are more conscious of the time; they tend not to get the job done as they are more worried about what time the timer will go off. This app completely negates that thinking.

MIN TO GO is an alarm and timer app featuring three pre-alarm notifications. What’s unique about MIN TO GO is that unlike most times and alarms that play different kinds of sounds when the time is up, the app will announce how much time is left at a specific point to inform you of how much time you have left. So instead of a beeping sound that would indicate the end of your time, you will hear something like “10 minutes to go” instead.

Each announcement will start with some pleasant tones, which is then followed by a calm female voice that will immediately tell you how much time is left. You don’t have to open your phone just to see how much time you have left as the remaining minutes will be displayed straight on the app’s icon.

MIN TO GO let’s you focus less on time and more on what you are doing, which is really useful for someone who has tendencies of procrastinating and disorganisation.

Priority Matrix

iOS: free
Android: not available

Last but certainly not the least is Priority Matrix – a powerful, yet super easy-to-use task management app. Priority Matrix is ideal for people with ADHD who need a visual view of their tasks. The app can sort out tasks into one of four quadrants: Critical & Immediate, Critical but not Immediate, Not Critical but Immediate, and Uncategorised.

The app lets the user manipulate and customise the size and colours of each section, along with adding icons and selecting the percentage completed of a particular task. You can also add due dates, mark dates, and even repeat dates and set them up to be announced via push notifications.

Improve Your Productivity With These Apps

While it takes more than just mobile applications to help improve your productivity, these apps really make it easier. Though not designed specifically for ADHD, the features found on these apps can help negate two of the most notorious ADHD symptoms in Adults and skyrocket you towards extreme productivity. If these apps doesn’t apply for you, you can still proceed directly to an ADHD expert/centre near you for an adult ADHD assessment.

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