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Autism in Adults

Moving Forward After School

What if someone with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) finishes school and passes into adulthood work, job training, or a new living situation? Evaluating autism in an adult can be challenging. While high functioning adults on the autism spectrum managed to improvise and develop strategies to make up for their differences making it difficult to conduct diagnosis based on observations.

Autism affects how a person perceives the world making communication and social interaction different from others, this often leads to significant difficulties afterwards. ASD is characterised by social interaction anxiety, communication difficulties and have a greater tendency to engage in repetitive behaviours. Their symptoms and level of severity vary widely across these areas.

Social communication difficulties

  • Verbal communication
  • Non-verbal communication
  • Developing relationships

Repetitive behaviors

  • Repetitive behaviour and interests
  • Sensory sensitivities

Other Areas

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Sleeping Difficulties
  • Eating Disorders
  • Challenged organisation skills
  • Aggressive behaviour and outbursts

The process of getting a diagnosis can be difficult for adults. A thorough diagnosis of the disorder lets you can get immediate access to support and holistic treatment for controlling the symptoms and eventually help you lead a better life even with autism.

Are You Seeing Signs of Autism Spectrum Disorder in Yourself?

Seeing signs and symptoms of ASD in yourself on a daily basis? Talk to your GP or find an expert clinician for autism spectrum disorders at The ADHD Centre. We offer neurodevelopmental assessment and specific diagnostic assessment for accurate detection of the disorder and keep your sensitive case confidential. You may get more information about our ASD diagnosis and treatments by visiting our clinic near your area. You may also call us or send us an email for more enquiries.

Remember, there are many who suffer from being constantly misunderstood. Having your loved ones understand your difficulties letting them empathise and build a support system for you during and after your treatment.

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