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ADHD Careers: 7 Questions For Finding The Best Career And Job


People who are diagnosed with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder have a hard time coping with their ADHD careers. Most of the time, a person who has ADHD suffers from job-related stress. They are commonly frustrated with their jobs and their current situation at work. Some even jump from job to job in search of what truly fits them. If you can relate to these scenarios, know that you are not alone. Other people like you also find it hard to manage their jobs. You can still make a change in your career for the better.

You can land your dream job. It’s just a matter of assessing what you truly want to do and using that information to look for the ideal career that will suit your liking. You don’t have to transfer from different workplaces, or even have to endure getting terminated for your lack of effort and enthusiasm. Today is the day you change that by discovering your strengths and your passion for finding the job that’s best for you.

In this article, we are going to provide seven essential questions that will help you realize what career is best for you. Always bear in mind that no single method will help you land the best career. However, these questions will help you think clearly and positively about your career choices.

We personally don’t know who you are and what you currently do. But if you’re not happy and satisfied with your career, you should stop right now. Reset and start contemplating on what you really want to do starting with these seven questions. As an adult with ADHD, getting a clearer picture on your actual skills and preferences, along with where you genuinely fit best in any organization, will help improve your career and steer it towards something better for you.

7 Burning Questions That Help Determine The best ADHD Careers 

What exactly is the best job for an ADHD-diagnosed person? There’s a plethora of them, to be honest. All you need is to determine the profession that fits you best, which you will discover once you’ve gone through questions. Keep in mind that we will not make any career suggestions, as it might disrupt with your own decision-making.

1.) What do you do best?

The first thing you need to address is the skill or talent that you do exceptionally well. We all have things that we’re really good at doing. Either it’s able to draw impressive images, or write compelling stories, we all have that talent or skills that we can truly brag. If you are someone who has ADHD, yet also has a hidden ability on something, you should use it to determine a profession that also takes advantage of it. Stop trying to improve your weaknesses. Though it’s good to have different talents, it won’t matter that much if you genuinely do not like doing it or are not good at it. You’ll end up being a jack of all trades; master of none. Instead, try spending the majority of your time by doing what you do best. Then, use your bread and butter skill to land the job that will fit you best.

a person writing something on a notebook

2.) What are the things you like the most?

For you to enjoy what you are doing, you should incorporate something that you love doing. Sometimes it doesn’t have to be a complete career overhaul. All you need to do is to add something that will make it interesting. If you are already in a company that provides every benefit that any employee dreams about, then whether or not you love your job, there’s no reason for you to quit, not when you’re in a perfect situation. If you are not happy with what you are doing, try adding something that will make you love doing it. For example, if you like drawing and you’re working in a newspaper company as a writer, you should try drawing and creating images for the editorial team. It might even get you promoted to that job you truly love. So whatever you might be doing right now, try to incorporate something you enjoy doing.

a man sitting and wearing a corporate attire smiling inside the office with his laptop and office papers on top of a desk

3.) What do you wish you were better at doing?

Just because we discouraged not improving your weakness in favor of something you do best, doesn’t mean you should disregard your flaws completely. If you are 100% devoted to improving something that you’re not good at, then, by all means, do it. Some people, despite their ADHD conditions, love to challenge themselves. Don’t let doubt hinder you — if you really want to overcome your challenges, then don’t hesitate to do so. Just keep in mind that getting through a particular challenge will require you to hire an ADHD expert or coach to help you improve.

4.) What – according to others – are your most exceptional qualities as a worker?

As someone with ADHD, you will find it difficult to identify your own strengths or weaknesses.  So instead of losing hope and calling it a failure of a career, try referring to other people instead. Ask the opinions of the people that you know and are unbiased about you. You can ask your friends, a performance reviewer, or even your coworkers about your greatest strengths and other qualities. Unlike you who tend to have a hard time identifying your positive sides, these people are more accurate at detecting skills that your own perceptions couldn’t even notice.

a group of people discussing something inside their office;

5.) What do you hate doing the most?

Also, consider identifying the things that you dislike doing. Even if you’re really good at doing something – if you hate doing it, chances are you are going to procrastinate. If you find that what you hate doing is present in almost everything you do at work, you should try asking for a different task. But if you remain in the same situation, don’t hesitate to quit your job and look for a different profession that doesn’t feature things you hate doing.

a woman sitting in fron of her laptop in a depressed way;

6.) What sort of environment/community works best/worst for you?

Do you prefer working with highly-organized people, or ones who have a keen understanding of analytics? Are you looking for a place to peacefully work without any distractions? Do you hate working in a noisy workplace?

a group of people sitting aroung the same table discussing something with their office papers and laptops on top of the table;

Being in an environment that you love to be in will not only make you love what you’re doing but will also accelerate and improve your performance. For that reason, you should assess your current workplace if it does suit your taste. If you find that your workplace is full of things that distract you or things that you just hate, you can try doing the following options. You can either:

try adjusting your workplace and turning it into something that will satisfy your ADHD tendencies


you can just quit your job altogether and try looking for a career that features a more likable work environment.

Either way, you should consider your work environment as it presents a significant issue if it’s too “toxic” for you and your ADHD. Just imagine working in a place you hate, along with people you also dislike being with — it’s going to be a nightmare, so try making a change in your environment if needed. Remember that a workplace culture can either bring out your best side or your grumpiest version.

7.) What activities at work makes you happiest?

Being happy at work brings out a lot of benefits — you are more inspired to work, you can finish more tasks, and you are more likable among your coworkers. Happiness can bring out the best version of yourself. So make sure you are always happy at work. Determine the tasks that make you the happiest. Think it out. You may have enjoyed the feeling of getting a sale for your company or become happy when answering calls for customers. You might be you happiest version when training other people. If these things make you happy, then you should try doing them more often.

a woman sitting and smiling in fron of her laptop inside a clean office


Each question has different answers, but it all leads to one thing — your ideal career. Collect all of your answers and from there, identify your dream job. By now, you probably have a clear picture of what you truly want to do. If it isn’t what you are doing right now, don’t hesitate to quit your job in favor of the opportunity to land a career that you’ve been longing for. People with ADHD can be stubborn. They try to force something that they can’t achieve. Your job is important to you, but it won’t matter one bit if you’re not happy with it. If you are truly unhappy with your situation, answer these seven questions now and make a change if necessary. You can even steer your career in the right direction just by spotting the flaws and the problems that need to be solved. We hope these questions helped you realize your true calling.

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