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Booking your online ADHD assessment – What to look for?

Are you thinking about booking an ADHD test for yourself or someone you know?  Now, this can be done online, it’s no longer necessary to book an evaluation for ADHD in person. This gives you a much greater choice when it comes to selecting an ADHD assessment centre as you are not restricted by your location.
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Booking your online ADHD assessment – What to look for?


Are you thinking about booking an ADHD test for yourself or someone you know?  Now, this can be done online, it’s no longer necessary to book an evaluation for ADHD in person. This gives you a much greater choice when it comes to selecting an ADHD assessment centre as you are not restricted by your location. Here at The ADHD Centre we have been doing ADHD online assessments for a while and have a tried and tested procedure for carrying them out. This article explains what to look out for to ensure you get the assessment and treatment that suit you best.

Choose a specialist

ADHD is a complicated condition that affects different people in different ways. It can be difficult to diagnose, yet a diagnosis followed by an appropriate treatment programme can be life-changing. It’s definitely worthwhile doing your research to find a professional who specialises in this field. At The ADHD Centre, we work exclusively with people with ADHD and have a highly experienced clinical team of specialist ADHD consultant psychiatrists, coaches and therapists. Click here to learn more about Our Team.

Prior to the appointment – Adult ADHD

Symptoms of ADHD in adults can present themselves quite differently than they do in children. They are sometimes a lot more subtle and an adult ADHD test should take into account a person’s history, as well as their current circumstances. This is to understand how ADHD may have affected them throughout their lives. This information should be provided prior to the evaluation. At The ADHD Centre, we ask people to complete registration forms and symptom checklists before assessing them for adult ADHD. If you would like to learn more about possible treatments for adult ADHD, sign up for a copy of our FREE Ebook  Evidence-based treatments for adults with ADHD.

Before the appointment – Children and teenagers
with ADHD

In order to do an ADHD test for kids, we use the information provided by the parent, teacher and the child to create a full picture of how ADHD may have affected them over a number of years. This information is invaluable for an ADHD test for children and should be requested well in advance of an evaluation. An ADHD test for teenagers or children is conducted by one of our specialist Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists. It takes around 90-120 minutes to complete the assessment. To find out more about supporting children with ADHD, click here to download our free ebook  Helping children with ADHD to thrive.

Consider the bigger picture

Before booking an ADHD test, it’s important to think about what will happen afterwards. A positive diagnosis needs to be followed up by a treatment plan. Our clinical psychiatrists are able to provide a range of evidence-based treatments, including, where necessary, medication. You will find that some practitioners who conduct ADHD testing can offer behavioural therapies but are not qualified to prescribe medication. While the decision to medicate or not to medicate is a personal one, we would recommend leaving your options and your mind open to it until a diagnosis has been reached and you have had a consultation with a specialist.

Get a report

It’s vital that whoever conducts an ADHD assessment can provide a written report of their findings, which is recognised by other healthcare (and educational) professionals. You could also do to know how long it will take to get the results back. It’s definitely worth checking this before booking an ADHD test.


Some people are surprised by how much an assessment at The ADHD Centre costs. While it may seem like a significant outlay, we run a private clinic with considerably less waiting time than the NHS and offer a highly personalised service. We believe our prices to be in line with (if not cheaper) than other private ADHD assessment providers. We would also advise you to allow for the cost of treatment and care packages which most of our clients go on to use.

Case Study

One of our clients, James Bloodworth author and journalist has kindly written a guest blog for us about his experience of his adult ADHD assessment and diagnosis. His story was also featured in The Times newspaper. It’s a worthwhile read for anyone who suspects they may have ADHD. He describes how he believes undiagnosed ADHD affected him throughout his childhood and early adult life, as well as the benefits that a diagnosis and subsequent treatment has brought him. Diagnosed with ADHD age 37. Here’s my story.

Key points to consider when booking an online ADHD assessment

        • An ADHD assessment should consider a person’s history, not just their current circumstances.
        • Do your research and don’t make a hasty decision. Choose a reputable company and check very carefully exactly
          what they can offer you.
        • Book an appointment with an ADHD specialist who offers evidence-based treatments.
        • Find out if you will be offered to follow up treatment, which may include medication.
        • Consider not only the cost of the assessment but also the cost of any subsequent treatment.
        • Make sure you know in advance the duration of the appointment so you can ensure you have enough time to complete it.
        • Check you will get a report which will be accepted by other healthcare/educational professionals.
        • Remember a diagnosis and subsequent treatment can be life-changing so it’s worth getting it right.


If you/someone you know does not have a diagnosis of ADHD but you suspect you/they might have it, why not take our self ADHD test? Please note this quiz is not a diagnostic tool and please do not use it as an ADHD self-assessment. It merely gives an indication as to whether someone may have ADHD based on if they are experiencing some of the most common ADHD symptoms. A proper diagnosis needs to be made by a qualified clinician.

At The ADHD Centre, we are continuing to offer online ADHD assessments using Zoom for Healthcare and in-person adult assessments in London and Manchester. If you have any further questions about booking an ADHD assessment with us, then please contact us at the ADHD Centre on 0800 061 4276 or via

Updated May 2021

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