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When it comes to treatment of mental health disorders, many people are unsure about the clear distinction between psychology and psychiatry. They are both avenues of treating mental health issues and the simplest difference between the two is that a psychiatrist is a certified doctor who can prescribe medication to a patient while a psychologist emphasises an analytical, counselling based approach.Psychiatry is essential a specialisation of medicine which focuses on curing mental health problems using medication if necessary. A psychiatric evaluation addresses the biological, socio-cultural and emotional state of a patient and the treatment also covers all these elements.


Many commonly experienced mental health issues such as depression, anxiety and panic attacks are treated these days in outpatient psychiatric clinics. Mental health disorders are eminently treatable with the right combination of psychiatric and psychological services. A psychiatric clinic that has a team comprising psychiatrists and psychologists is ideal for anyone looking to find an integrated solution to mental health problems.Psychological problems such as panic attacks or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is usually manifested through some physical symptoms. The triggers for the problem are usually based on long-ago traumatic experiences or may even be hereditary. So a treatment for such problems has to address both the physical and environmental aspects of the patient’s condition.


A psychiatric evaluation is the starting point for the treatment of most mental health problems. Psychiatric evaluation refers to a comprehensive assessment of a person’s psychological, social and physical conditions and a recording of their emotional state. If you or someone you know is struggling with mental health issues such as depression or personality disorder, a professional psychiatric evaluation is the place to start grappling with the problem.


A personality disorder is a broad term that refers to habits of thinking and acting that prevent a person from forming healthy and strong connections with the people and the world around them. A person diagnosed as having a personality disorder tends to have difficulty forming healthy relationships and may exhibit impulsive and out-of-control behaviour.These people do not grow up with an intuitive sense of how to relate to others in a warm and open manner. They may only know how to relate to others in a way that can be seen as abrasive, awkward or hurtful by others.

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