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ADHD Behavioural Coaching

At the ADHD Centre, we have excellent and experienced specialist ADHD coaches that use a combination of specific ADHD Positive Psychology Coaching and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Techniques to help you to identify and stay on track with your goals in life.

ADHD Coaching is forward-looking and outcome-orientated. The focus will be on how to change your ADHD behaviour to fit better with your personal values and goals. You will learn to develop tools and strategies to help you be on track, maintain focus and be on time.

Your coach will help you to develop a greater understanding of yourself so that you have more control over impulsive behaviour patterns.

By building a close and trusting partnership with your ADHD Centre Coach you will learn to incorporate more structure, focus and purpose in your life and be able to harness a greater sense of drive and ambition for your future.

Coaching Testimonials

Thank you so much for today and your time and making it a very productive session. I’ve come away with lots of ideas but more importantly for me a focus on implementing the steps towards change. Very much appreciated and feel much more positive about gaining some control back and the whole giving myself permission. You sent me away with the start of a toolkit that I can dip into and that will help me achieve step by step.

– Faye W., Salford.

I think the way you support and tune into people is a real skill. You were able to make me feel safe and comfortable in a short space of time and I really felt you maximised every minute we had. You unravelled my chaos into something tangible to allow me to have a focus and to leave with something I can start with. The hard bit is doing it myself after a session as it comes down to me – but even from this first session I felt I had someone who understood my main struggles and that gives me motivation to do it.

-Jake  S., Sheffield.

Your relaxed approach and minimal pressure to arrange appointments one after the other is a real fresh approach. Previous counselling has enforced this and often it failed as I felt overwhelmed. You are truly person centred and you allow time to process and have the autonomy on my own frequency of sessions. I am enthused and for me there is a light at the end of the tunnel which was not there prior to seeing you. Thank you.

-Brenda  M., Sussex.

I am really grateful for the coaching support I received through the ADHD Centre. I found that the medication helped me a lot with being able to stay focussed and not zoning out the whole time, but the coaching really helped with my ability to properly plan my day and actually getting things done on time. The combination of treatments was just what I needed.

-Leanda  T. Mother of Two and Part Time Therapist, Hertfordshire.

I had ADHD coaching for two months and I was amazed at how my coach was able to get me to set short term and long term goals that really allowed me to properly plan for the things that were most important in my life. I had a tendency to keep going off track but my coach kept me very focussed on what it was we agreed I had to do every week to work towards finishing my degree. I ended up getting a 2:1, which I never thought would have been possible before our sessions together. I would highly recommend this service to anyone who struggles with these types of problems.

-Shamina W. Trainee Solicitor, Manchester.

Signing up for the coaching package was the best investment I could have made. My coach was so supportive and encouraging, working alongside me to sort out my personal and company finances, which were in a complete mess. They also taught me some really valuable strategies for time management, making sure I didn’t miss appointments and general prioritisation of day-to-day tasks both at home and work. I have now been successful in incorporating these strategies into the way I handle my accounts and I am I a much stronger position. Thanks again!

-Warren D. Business Owner and Director, East London.

What are the benefits of ADHD coaching?

Our clients have really benefited from ADHD coaching in the following specific areas:
  • Learning to ignore potential distractions
  • Regulating sleep pattern
  • Decision making
  • Managing impulsivity
  • Boundary setting
  • Maintaining focus at work
  • Building better relationships in personal and professional life
  • Getting and staying on top of finances and paperwork.

At the ADHD Centre our specialist behavioural coaches have been helping many clients to get to grips with difficulties in areas of executive functioning. Common problems that people with ADHD present with are difficulties with

  • Sustaining Motivation
  • Time Management
  • Organisation
  • Completing Tasks on Time
  • Social Skills
  • Staying Focussed
  • Impulsivity

Large evidence based studies looking at the best treatments for ADHD show that a combination treatment of medication and behavioural coaching clearly lead to the best results when it comes to getting on top of ADHD symptoms.

These studies show that medication works very well in most people for core symptoms such as difficulty focusing, impassivity and hyperactivity. However coaching really helps with the secondary symptoms such as procrastination, time management, organisation and social skills training.

At the ADHD Centre we have specially devised a unique
coaching programme, which includes the following elements:

  • Psycho-education about the ADHD brain.
  • Long and short-term goal setting that is specific, process based and time bound.
  • Effective use of rewards and consequences to build up and maintain internal levels of motivation.
  • Building in effective strategies to support areas of specific difficulties with executive functioning.
  • Strengths based recovery model using positive psychology for anxiety management and the progressive development of authentic self-esteem.

You will work with your coach to develop a personal action plan around your specific identified goals you wish to achieve. The sessions can be either in person, via Skype or via telephone, depending on your preference and availability.



The main goal of our coaching programme is to help our clients to flourish in their lives, and live
more in the joyful and harmonious flow of life.
These changes are designed to be long lasting so that the ultimate goal is for you to become your
own best life coach.

Please contact the ADHD Centre on 0800-061-4276 or drop us an email at to book your free introduction to coaching call to find out more
about our coaching services and how we can start making positive changes today.

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