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Child/Adolescent ADHD Assessment
(for under 18’s)

father and his daughter having a consultation to a doctor

The ADHD Centre has a licence agreement and we use a specific diagnostic assessment tool called the Conners 3, which is widely recognised as the gold standard assessment tool for diagnosing ADHD in children and young adolescents. This tool has 3 components and requires sections to be filled in by the parent, teacher and child/adolescent.

It is important to get this collateral history, which then helps the doctor to get a better objective understanding of how your child’s ADHD symptoms may have affected them throughout their lives. At the end of the assessment, the doctor will discuss possible diagnoses and then we can come up with an individualised treatment plan together to ensure that your child receives the best possible care.

If required the cost for follow-up consultations with your Consultant Psychiatrist is £295 for children(under the age of 18) Our prescription service is charged at £80 per repeat prescription if done outside a follow-up appointment.

If you have a follow-up appointment then this cost will be included in the follow-up fee and therefore not charged in addition. Once your treatment plan is in place and you are happy with your treatment then we can help to facilitate a transfer of care to your GP if they are happy to take over your care.

Under the terms of a standard shared care agreement, in accordance with NICE guidelines, your GP will usually require you to still be seen by your ADHD Specialist at least once every six months for a review of treatment, which will be charged at the same rate as a standard follow-up an appointment. Please contact us for more information about pricing or the assessment process.

We normally ask if it is possible for you to get some collateral history, preferably from someone who has known you since childhood. This helps the doctor to get a better objective understanding of how your ADHD symptoms may have affected you throughout your life.

Studies show that adults with ADHD have an increased risk of also suffering from other psychological problems: particularly depression, anxiety and substance abuse. This is often because their ADHD went undiagnosed and untreated in childhood and they may be using substances to self-medicate.

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