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Dr. Darren Boyd-Annells – A leading ADHD Coach supporting Executives and Entrepreneurs

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Dr. Darren Boyd-Annells, AACC, Dr.B.A.

ADHD Coach, Executives and Entrepreneurs

Darren is a Specialist Coach who works with business leaders and managers with ADHD, to support business, work and life change.

“The ADHD brain is amazing. You can think of creative solutions to problems, but also get stuck when it come to implementation. The foundation of our ADHD coaching approach is helping you to identify your strengths and use them in managing your ADHD challenges.”

I believe that coaching should be fun and effective. You will have access to a range of resources and tools for you to gain more awareness of your strengths and learn how to manage the aspects of ADHD which can self-sabotage. You will also gain an understanding of why other people cannot seem to understand where your are coming from when it comes time for teamwork or problem solving – as well as coping strategies for managing relationships with family members who do not know how best to deal with your condition.

“My ADHD led to the best and worst outcomes in my career. With decades leading business change for global businesses – as well as running my own businesses – I haveexperienced the highs and lows of my own ADHD in a business setting.”

In addition to first-hand experience of ADHD, my business doctorate enables me to integrate strategic business and leadership thinking that will benefit you whether you are a start-up founder or a senior executive in a corporate setting. You will receive coaching that integrates proven coaching approaches including ADHD Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Solution-Focused Coaching and Positive Psychology.

“Without question, your ADHD has helped you get to where you are now. But, you are now becoming aware (or may have suspected for a while) that it has the potential to derail you. Also, being at the top of a business, whether it’s your own or someone else’s, brings certain expectations of you. One of which is for you to be a strong and dependable leader. This makes it very difficult to turn to others near you for help. Within our ADHD coaching conversations you have a safe space to explore all the challenges of your ADHD and develop a strengths-based approach to unleash your full potential.’


ADHD Coaching

Entrepreneur Coaching

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Qualifications & Education

Doctor of Business Administration – Dr.B.A.

ADHD Associate Certified Coach – AACC

Executive Function Coach Core Skills

Solution-Focused Brief Coaching

Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner

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