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Dr. Abbass Mohammadinasab MD, MSc, MRCPsych

Consultant Adult Psychiatrist

GMC Number: 6096584

Dr. Mohammadinasab is the lead Consultant Psychiatrist in a Community Team in South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust (SLaM), which is the largest mental health trust in the UK, a centre of excellence and one of the most renowned mental health organisations in the world.

Dr Mohammadinasab has worked in both inpatient and outpatient settings in different fields and has the experience of treating a variety of different mental illnesses. In particular he has gained expertise in the assessment and management of Adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (Adult ADHD). Dr Mohammadinasab’s passion is delivering excellent care to his patients.

Dr Mohammadinasab values evidence based practice and has been involved in research and audit activities and he has also set up a reputable international educational platform for mental health professionals.


Adult ADHD

General Adult Psychiatry

Liaison Psychiatry

Qualifications & Education

CTT in General Adult Psychiatry

Subspecialty and Endorsement in Liaison Psychiatry

MSc in Psychiatry Research

Section 12 Approved Clinician under the Mental Health Act 1983

Professional Bodies & Membership

Member of the Royal College of Psychiatry

Member of Diaspora Groups of the Royal College of Psychiatry

Member of the General Medical Council

Awards and Recognitions

Had a thorough online assessment from Dr Mohammadinasab. Really impressed by his knowledge and care. Also diagnosed me with low mood and this was treated alongside my ADHD. Alexandra has also been great and Gemma. Found the mindfulness course really helpful for managing feeling of frustration. Meds and therapy worked together. Amazing result.

May 2023
Afiqul C.

I am grateful to Dr Mohammadinasab at the ADHD Centre for recognising my problem and helping me. I am also thankful to the staff at the ADHD Centre including Gemma and Kathy.

September 2022
Maryan Hasan

Dear Dr Mohammadinasab & The ADHD Centre,

I would like to thank Dr Mohammadinasab for the care he has provided me over the past 6 months, which I felt was consistently professional and courteous. I particularly appreciated the clear manner in which he would explain certain aspects of the treatment, which can be rather complicated and overwhelming. As a result of his excellent conduct, I was made to feel at ease during each stage of the diagnosis and titration. In general, I felt I was very much in control of the care I was receiving – Dr Mohammadinasab listened to my concerns and queries and took them into account when my treatment options were being discussed. Overall, I am very happy with the treatment I was provided.

Finally, I wish to extend my praise to those who handle the administration at The ADHD Centre. The email correspondence was efficient and the staff made me feel that my queries were understood and respected.

Thank you again, and I wish you a happy new year.

December 2022
Written by a private patient

Hi ADHD Centre,

At my last medication review Dr Mohammadinasab asked if I would provide you with a short review of the ADHD Centre, which is below:

Since my diagnosis and treatment for ADHD the changes in my outlook, confidence and ability to make and pursue my goals has been remarkable. I can point to improvements in my relationships with my family, my move from decades of temping to a rewarding career in a field I only ever pondered, and to the fixing of long-neglected elements of my life. What’s more, is that I have a renewed drive to follow through on my passions and am confident that I will.

I now have a sense of hope, having found that I can focus on what I am doing and get to where I want to be, rather than filling my head with sparky, short-lived dreams that never get off the ground.

I write all this knowing that were it not for the ADHD Centre’s efficient and professional approach I would be on a waiting list, undiagnosed and untreated, and stuck in a deepening hole for another 18 months or more. In addition to my gratitude to the ADHD Centre, I want to say a particular thank you to Dr Mohammadinasab. I appreciated the care he deployed in my assessment, and have retained the nuggets of experience-based wisdom that he would share in reviews.

Best wishes,

April 2022
Written by a private patient

I was assessed and diagnosed in June 2021 and have found the whole process to be straightforward and professional. I felt that the standard of care from Dr Mohammadinasab was very high – professional, efficient and helpful. Dr Mohammadinasab was always polite and to the point, explained things clearly and laid out all options in an unbiased manner. I got the impression that Dr Mohammadinasab genuinely respects patients as well as their decisions. I never felt pressured or pushed into making any decisions, particularly regarding medication. I was very happy with the medication titration process – it took quite a while due to side effects and contraindications with existing medications, which is just one of those things outside anyone’s control – the Dr was thorough but efficient, took my views seriously and was happy to go at my pace. All my appointments were on Zoom which worked well for me, and we never had any tech issues. Documents are shared with you using a secure online facility.

I found the administrative staff were excellent – polite, friendly, patient and efficient. Particularly Kathy and Gemma. Everything ran very smoothly and I received quick responses to my emails. Appointments were received quickly and changing them was easy. Payment was simple too. The payment and appointment reminders via text/email were helpful.

I’ve now applied for shared care with NHS which seems an uncomplicated process so far.

September 2022
Written by a private patient at The ADHD Centre

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