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Dr Ankur Kumar MBChB MRCPsych MBA

Consultant Adult Psychiatrist

GMC Number: 6166586

Dr Kumar is an experienced general adult Consultant Psychiatrist who adopts a person-centred approach where the interests of the individual are at the core of any treatment plan.

Dr Kumar currently works for the largest NHS trust in the North-West. He has managed patients with ADHD and individuals that have co-existing illnesses alongside ADHD. This allows him to deliver a high standard of care that is bespoke to the individual. Other areas of expertise include managing individuals with low mood, anxiety, OCD and bipolar affective disorder.

He has a special interest in managing high functioning individuals, including elite athletes, for them to function at their optimum.

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Adult ADHD

General Adult Psychiatry

Qualifications & Education


Member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists (MRCPsych)

Master’s in Business Administration (MBA)

On the GMC Specialist Register

CCT in General Adult Psychiatry

Section 12(2) approved by the Mental Health Act 1983

Recognised as Approved Clinician and Responsible Clinician by the Mental Health Act 1983

Professional Bodies & Membership

Registered with the General Medical Council (GMC)

Registered with the British Medical Council

Registered with the Medical Protection Society (MPS)

Member of the Sports and Exercise Psychiatry Special Interest Group (SEPSIG) at the Royal College of Psychiatrists

Awards and Recognitions

I was under the care of Mr Ankur Kumar, who was incredibly helpful, kind and thoughtful in his care, helped with the whole process of diagnosing my ADHD and finding the right treatment plan for me. Have recommended the ADHD centre to friends who suffer from ADHD already and will continue to do so.

10th December 2022
Written by a private patient

I was under the care of Dr Ankur Kumar, he was really thoughtful, caring and helpful, highly recommend for anyone who needs help with diagnosis and managing ADHD.

10th December 2022
Written by a private patient

My decision to contact The ADHD Centre was the best decision I’ve ever made and the best money i’ve ever spent. Dr Ankur Kumar was fantastic from start to finish – friendly, experienced, compassionate and approachable. This has truly been a lifechanging experience.

June 2022
Written by a private patient

The care and support from Dr Ankur Kumar and The ADHD Centre team is second to none.

After a lifetime of struggles with all that comes along with ADHD, I booked an adult ADHD assessment at the beginning of April. After booking, I received a few forms to fill out, including registration forms and child/adult collateral. They do all of this through an online system.

The initial assessment was 1 1/2 hours, which was with Dr Ankur Kumar, where we discussed some of the struggles I’d had, shared school reports, and talked through the day-to-day parts of life. I was extremely apprehensive before the consultation, but soon became more comfortable. At the end of the session, based on the collateral forms, school reports and discussion we had, the diagnosis was given. When asked about my thoughts on the diagnosis, I was a mix between frustrated at schools historically missing the signs, and relieved that I had a new language to explore the issues I were having. I am aged 27, so there was a thought of what life could have been if this was discovered sooner.

We had a discussion about treatment options, including ADHD coaching and medication. I was apprehensive about medication, though interested in the coaching aspect. I was asked to book in for some baseline assessments (bloods, ECG, blood pressure, weight/height, etc), and recommended Same Day Doctor, which were excellent as well.

A week later, with my test results, I booked in for a follow-up zoom appointment, where we discussed deeper the different options so that I could make an informed decision. Before this call, I spent a lot of time reading into medications, coaching etc, which pointed towards combinational therapy being the most effective; so we discussed this as an option and opted for both medication and coaching. After each session, I got a solid summary of notes sent to me, which was really useful to review afterwards!

The introduction to medication was gradual and smooth; at each stage checking in to see the effects and side-effects so that we could finetune to the right level of medication. It’s now just over 3 months since my initial assessment, and we’re now entering a shared care agreement with my GP so that treatment can continue under the NHS.

The change has been incredible. I can work, sleep, read and be present when talking with friends/family. I am conscious of the fact that I sound like an advertisement here, but I am amazed by the impact that treatment has had on me. I’ve tried pomodoro timers, hue light bulbs on study settings, trello, jira, MS Planner/Tasks, eat the frog, everything you can imagine to just get to a point where I can focus for more than 5 minutes without shaking my legs and getting fully distracted into something for hours, only to be late to a deadline.

– Key Considerations –
This is a private clinic, and so there’s costs associated with it. Most private health insurance providers won’t cover ADHD assessments under their terms (as I found out). The moment I was on the right dose and we were on solid ground, we had a discussion about a GP Shared Care agreement, reducing the costs of medications substantially, and removing the need to monthly follow-ups. NHS waitlists are 3 years long for ADHD assessments in parts of the country, though some are quicker. They are not about tying you into paying £ for years, though they have a duty of care, especially around stimulant medications, so expect to pay £3k-4k over a number of months; anything less is a bonus 🙂

If you decide to go onto medication, you’ll pay for them privately until entering a shared care agreement. Not all medications are generic, meaning that for my prescription of elvanse, it was costing me £85 at a supermarket pharmacy.

– Conclusion –
Ultimately, the process was smooth, the staff were friendly, and Dr Ankur Kumar was professional and supportive. To all the team at The ADHD Centre, I want to give a massive thank you for the service you offer.

August 2022
Written by a private patient from The ADHD Centre Manchester Clinic

I was diagnosed and treated by Dr Ankur Kumar who was a pleasure to deal with, very professional but also seemed to really care about my wellbeing. Although this is a private clinic, I didn’t get the feeling that they are just interested in money, as Dr Kumar suggested various NHS services that I could use. I am now solely using my local NHS service but did have the option of setting up a shared care agreement for my medication.

The admin team at the ADHD Centre in Manchester are also very helpful!

April 2022
Written by a private patient from The ADHD Centre Manchester Clinic

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