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Dr. Muffazal Rawala MBBS MSc MRCPsych

Consultant Adult Psychiatrist

GMC Number: 6098898

Dr. Rawala is an experienced Consultant Psychiatrist in London. He completed his psychiatry training at The Maudsley and Institute of Psychiatry, one of the most respected psychiatry training institutes in the World. He has an active interest in research and medical education having published in peer reviewed journals and authoring training modules in psychiatry both in the UK and for a US based Medical Education programme.

He is interested in different presentations of adult-ADHD and has over the years developed a particular clinical interest in ADHD presentation in females and the reasons for later life presentations of ADHD in females.

Dr Rawala is the recipient of many Quality Improvement and Clinical Excellence Awards. He has been part of the Executive committee at the Royal College of Psychiatrists, Chair of the Consultants’ committee as well as a Training Programme Director in Psychiatry.

He is also able to communicate in Urdu, Gujrati and Hindi if needed. He has a Masters in Transcultural Mental Health and an interest in Psychopharmacology.

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Adult ADHD

ADHD Presentation in Females

Qualifications & Education

The Maudsley and Institute of Psychiatry

Masters in Transcultural Mental Health

Professional Bodies & Membership

Part of the Executive Committee at the Royal College of Psychiatrists

Chair of the Consultants’ Committee

Training Programme Director in Psychiatry

Awards and Recognitions

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Dr. Rawala was instrumental in my diagnosis, and during my treatment he was kind, understanding and very knowledgeable in regards to my experience, for the first time in a long time, I felt heared, and subsequently with his diagnosis, my life shifted for the better. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Rawala, thank you.

10th December 2021
Written by a private patient

Dr Rawala was extremely helpful with my diagnosis of ADHD. He made it very clear that he understood the differences of ADHD between males and females – a huge relief considering that the reason I hadn’t been diagnosed as a child was because I didn’t fit the stereotypical criteria of ‘disruptive and misbehaving’. He helped me understand the condition in more depth and highlighted the differences in being diagnosed as an adult rather than as a child. He has also provided excellent resources to assist me in the future.

I felt he listened to my concerns and addressed them, and at no point in either of our discussions did I feel rushed or as if I hadn’t been taken seriously. He also explained the possible interference my PTSD could have with my treatment (something I hadn’t previously considered).

Overall very satisfied with my care and would recommend Dr Rawala to anyone seeking his services.

28th October 2021
Written by a NHS patient

Dr Rawala has such great insight into women with ADHD, which put me at ease straight away during my consultation. I was brought up in another country, therefore I went through a different schooling system, and this Dr Rawala could see my struggles. He speaks very clearly and I could follow him through even when I was nervous. His suggestions on treatment are also quite effective, and has worked wonders on me.

I would recommend Dr Rawala to everybody, especially females who are worried about seeking help, as he has such a great understanding of women with ADHD.

27th April 2021
Written by a private patient

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