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Dr. Priyalakshmi Chowdhury

Consultant Adult Psychiatrist


GMC Number: 6067341

Dr. Chowdhury is a Consultant in General Adult Psychiatry with a wide range of experience working in the NHS and privately in assessing, diagnosing and treating patients with ADHD along with other comorbid conditions such as; anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, OCD, emotional lability and PTSD.

Dr. Chowdhury is passionate about delivering high quality and safe care by using an evidence-based and holistic approach.


Adult ADHD

General Adult Psychiatry

Qualifications & Education

CCT Adult Psychiatry

On the GMC Specialist Register

Section 12(2) approved: 2019



Professional Bodies & Membership

Member of the Royal College of Psychiatry

Member of the General Medical Council

Awards and Recognitions

I came to the ADHD centre as so many others probably do after the lightbulb of realising the undiagnosed ADHD could be at the root of so many things in life so far. And obviously wanted that to be assessed as soon as possible once I realised! ADHD centre was so easy to book with. I specifically chose Dr Chowdhury as she also works within the NHS as a psychiatrist. My GP had warned that some diagnoses weren’t taken on for shared care if that wasn’t the case.

I chose very well. Dr Chowdhury is warm and encouraging and supportive. From the first session where she made me feel relaxed enough to be able to laugh at some of the examples of things in life that supported the diagnostic criteria. it could have been a very stressful appointment and conversation, but it wasn’t because I felt seen, accepted and supported. She truly cares about and for her patients.

And this has continued throughout all my interactions with ADHD Centre and Dr Chowdhury. She is caring and supportive but honest about what to expect from medication, for example, and how important other things are such as coaching to build the strategies to get the best outcomes. My titration was relatively smooth, but there was a hiccup of a period of unexpected and unavoidable external stress that knocked me sideways a bit. Rather than telling me what to do, we reached an agreement together about how to go forward (we kept a steady dose for a little longer to allow the stress to settle so we could evaluate it properly). And then picked up the titration again as things calmed.

So I have always felt that decisions were made together. She is very happy to answer questions about why a particular medication has been recommended over another and what to expect and how to deal with side effects.

At every stage, rather than saying ‘this is next’, the question has always been ‘what would you like to do next’. And we discuss the pros and cons of different choices.

Thank you, Dr Chowdhury and the ADHD Centre. My life makes much more sense now and I feel so well supported to go forward flourishing rather than fighting my brain every step of the way

28th March 2023
Written by a private patient

I fully recommend the ADHD centre. I am specifically very grateful to Dr Chowdhury for her assessment and explaining everything thoroughly with kindness during the diagnosis and treatment.

All correspondence and emails were answered promptly by Elizabeth Joannides, thank you very much. Communication has been very efficient between myself the ADHD centre and my GP Surgery.

The medication is already making a huge change in my life.

Thank you! Aamer

30th March 2023
Written by a private patient

Dr Chowdhury made me feel comfortable from initial assessment, throughout our whole process together.

This journey has changed my life for the better, and I’m extremely pleased for everything the ADHD clinic has done for me. Thank you for your amazing guidance, and your prompt responses to any questions./em>

3rd April 2023
Written by a private patient

I was very happy with the service I received from the ADHD Centre and Dr Chowdhury. The information was comprehensive, timely and responses from the administration were very prompt. The consultation and assessment (held over Zoom) were very pleasant, sensitively handled, human but professional

19th April 2023
Written by a private patient

Dr Chowdhury was absolutely amazing in both the diagnosis and the treatment processes. She was very knowledgeable about the difference in symptoms between male and female ADHD patients. She was very patient and kind. I felt listened to and respected throughout my time with Dr Chowdhury, who always took my experience into account when deciding my course of treatment. I would wholeheartedly recommend Dr Chowdhury to anyone wishing to undergo ADHD treatment or diagnosis, especially women.

13th January 2023
Written by a private patient

Dr Chowdhury was supportive throughout the process of diagnosis and follow up care. I felt in very safe hands and couldn’t recommend her more highly. The team at ADHD centre were helpful and efficient, thank you

10th January 2023
Written by a private patient

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