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Dr. Reena Sani, MBBS, MRCPsych

Consultant Adult Psychiatrist

GMC Number: 6052157

Dr. Sani is an experienced Consultant adult psychiatrist and a Clinical Director in an award-winning NHS Trust, rated outstanding by the CQC. She therefore has detailed knowledge of best-practice care delivery across NHS services. She has received Clinical Excellence Award from the NHS in recognition of the high-quality care for patients and overall contribution to improving mental health services.

Dr. Sani oversees a specialist clinic for Adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) for an outstanding NHS organisation. She developed extensive knowledge and experience on comorbidities and different methods of managing adults with ADHD.

She is passionate about delivering high quality, evidence based, holistic care to her patients and has received excellent feedback from her patients and families. She is also able to communicate in Urdu, Gujrati and Hindi if needed.

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Adult ADHD

General Adult Psychiatry

Qualifications & Education

CCT in General Adult Psychiatry
Section 12 Approved Clinician under the Mental Health Act 1983

Professional Bodies & Membership

Member of the Royal College of Psychiatry

Member of the General Medical Council

Member of the MDDUS 

Chair of the Consultants Committee

Member of the British Medical Associatione

Awards and Recognitions

My experience with the ADHD Centre, and Dr Sani, was overwhelmingly positive! Had I been asked to review at the start of treatment there would have been fewer stars, I was impatient and I think I wanted to be “fixed” quickly. So I was frustrated with the thoughtful, thorough approach but now, having had the time to learn about ADHD, myself, and what treatment actually provides, I could not be happier with my care. Dr Sani, and the admin team, were always very patient with my sense of urgency and I am so grateful for the time that was taken to listen to my concerns whilst still doing ensuring treatment decisions were based on best medical advice.

7th February 2023
Written by a private patient

I’m very grateful to all those at the ADHD Centre for their professionalism, responsiveness and support before, during and after my assessment and diagnosis. Dr Sani is a fantastic doctor, she made me feel comfortable and informed throughout the whole process of diagnosis and treatment. I felt listened to, included in decisions and that Dr Sani was genuinely invested in my experience and progress. Medication has changed my life for the better and I feel really fortunate that should things change, I can reach out to the ADHD centre and Dr Sani for support.

4th April 2023
Written by a private patient

I have been under the care of Dr Sani, who has been absolutely wonderful, warm, compassionate and professional and has helped me through an initially difficult diagnosis that has been life-changing. I’m so thrilled with how well the medication has been working for me and Dr Sani’s careful and considerate care.

There were some painful hiccups in the process with the admin staff and specifically around follow ups and process initially, which was not great with vulnerable patients with comorbidities, but I did raise it with management and Dr Sani and I feel comfortable that they have been resolved.

11th April 2023
Written by a private patient

Thank you for the great experience and support received. Dr. Sani was very kind and made me feel comfortable as I was assed. I would thoroughly recommend The ADHD Centre and Dr. Sani.

24th April 2023
Written by a private patient

I first approached the ADHD Centre at the end of 2021 having my own suspicions that I may have ADHD. I was impressed and comforted by how much information they had on their own website and how experienced their psychiatrists are. I met with Dr Sani in February 2022 for my assessment and she was kind, supportive and reassuring. She explained the assessment process to me and was patient and understanding throughout. She told me her initial findings straight away at the end of the meeting which was comforting as I was nervous about having to wait for the full report. Her assessment report was detailed and clear.

Since then I have had multiple remote follow-ups with Dr Sani. She has been supportive and kind and explains everything really thoroughly. She has also been very helpful with setting up my shared care agreement.

Dr Sani’s PA Michelle is responsive and kind and very patient. I really appreciate all of her help as well, and answering my questions!

13th December 2022
Written by a private patient

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