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Empowering young minds – 10 apps for children under 10

If you’re looking for ways to harness your potential, stay organised, and thrive in your daily life, you’re in the right place. We understand the unique challenges that come with adult ADHD, and that’s...
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Empowering young minds – 10 apps for children under 10


Many children under 10 don’t have their own smartphone but apps are becoming valuable assets for parents of children with ADHD. 

These apps often address some of the unique challenges that accompany ADHD. From fortifying time management and sharpening focus to nurturing essential skills. 

We look at how these apps can enhance your child’s life. We have handpicked 10 apps tailored for children under 10. Whether it’s boosting maths skills or providing child-friendly planners, prepare to part ways with your phone – because these apps can be game-changers!


Time management

ADHD children often struggle with time management and staying on task. Apps can include features such as timers, alarms, and calendars to help children stay organised and manage their time. Visual schedules and reminders can make it easier for them to follow a routine.


Some apps help to enhance focus and concentration. They can provide structured tasks or activities helping children practice sustained attention and reduce distractions.

Skill building

Educational apps can assist in developing various skills, such as reading, maths, and problem-solving. They can adapt to a child’s level, offering challenges and support based on their progress.


Emotional regulation  

Apps can teach children strategies for emotional self-regulation and problem-solving. Through interactive games and exercises, children can learn to manage their emotions and make better decisions.


Certain apps use visual aids and mind-mapping techniques to help children plan, set goals, and organise their thoughts. This can be especially useful for tasks that need step-by-step planning.

Interactive learning

Interactive and engaging apps can make learning more enjoyable for children with ADHD. They often feature animations, gamified elements, and rewards to keep children motivated and engaged.

Stress reduction

Apps designed for relaxation, mindfulness, and stress reduction can help children manage anxiety and calm their minds. Breathing exercises, guided imagery, and relaxation techniques can be particularly beneficial.

Tracking progress

Some apps allow children to track their progress and achievements. This can be motivating and help build a sense of accomplishment.

Parental monitoring

Many apps for children come with features that allow parents to check their child’s usage and progress. You can track how the child is using the app and the skills they are developing.


Social skills 

Apps can help with social skills, which can be challenging for some children with ADHD. Interactive scenarios and simulations can help them improve their social interactions.

It’s important to remember that not all apps are the same, and what works for one child may not work for another. It’s essential to select apps that align with your child’s individual needs.

Additionally, you should watch and engage with your child while using these apps, providing guidance and support as necessary. Your healthcare provider or therapist may be able to recommend apps for your child.




IOS and Android. Free

Available on tablets, phones, desktops and laptops, DoodleMaths helps boost confidence and ability in maths for children aged 4 to 14. 

Filled with thousands of interactive exercises, it explores numerical reasoning and problem-solving in a fun, approachable way, giving children core skills they can use in the classroom and beyond.

Sushi Monster

IOS and Android. Free

This fun, friendly and free app gets children used to basic arithmetic first, before moving on to more challenging tasks. Numbers appear on a plate of sushi and learners must feed the correct plate to a monster.

Breathe, Think, Do with Sesame 

IOS and Android. Free

An interactive app featuring Sesame Street characters, it helps children learn problem-solving and self-regulation skills through fun activities. Tap and touch to help the monster friend take deep breaths, think of plans, and try them out. Ideal for children aged 2 to 5.


IOS and Android. Free with in-app purchases

A game that helps children build resilience and stay motivated. It turns everyday tasks and challenges into adventures, making it easier to focus and achieve goals.

Time Timer  

IOS and Android. Free

This app visually represents the passage of time using a disappearing red disk. It’s a useful tool for children with ADHD to manage their time more effectively.

Todoist for Kids


IOS and Android. Free with in-app purchases

A simplified to-do list app designed for children, it helps them create and manage tasks, assignments, and chores in an organised way.

Endless Alphabet 

IOS and Android. £7

An engaging educational app that helps young children improve their vocabulary, reading, and spelling skills through interactive and colourful games.

BrainPOP Jr. Movie of the Week  

IOS and Android. Free with in-app purchases

BrainPOP offers educational videos and quizzes on a variety of subjects. The Jr. version is suitable for younger children, and it can be a great tool for learning and engagement.

My PlayHome 

IOS and Android. £3

My PlayHome is a digital dollhouse that allows children to explore and interact with various rooms, characters, and objects. It can be a creative and calming app.

Epic!: Kids’ Books and Videos 

IOS and Android. Free with in-app purchases

This is a digital library for children’s books and educational videos. It offers a wide range of content, including books suitable for different reading levels, making it an excellent resource for young readers with ADHD.


Before introducing any app to a child with ADHD, it’s a good idea to try them out yourself to ensure they are age-appropriate. 

Also, consider discussing the apps with your child’s healthcare provider or therapist to get their recommendations and guidance on how to best incorporate them into your child’s routine. 

When used correctly, apps can be more than entertainment; they can be essential aids in helping children overcome challenges, unlock their potential, and build essential life skills.


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