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Every Child With ADHD Symptoms Needs A Hobby – Here’s Why


Remember that ADHD neighbour you had who took karate lessons? He’s a black belter now and is competing for a national title. That hyperactive child in third-grade who took painting lessons is now a popular artist. And your cousin who was diagnosed with child ADHD symptoms is now a professional basketball player after attending numerous summer clinics.

You’d wonder how these people even got to where they are now. They will always be remembered as the kids who had ADHD; children who couldn’t do anything right. Fast forward now, and these people are even doing better than you. So what exactly did they do to thrive and succeed in life despite having ADHD? Looking back, you’d realise that the answer is quite apparent: they had hobbies.

When it comes to academic achievements, you can’t expect a child with ADHD to excel and become great without offering them ways to unwind or escape from all the pressure that life is giving them. Whether they have ADHD or not, kids need hobbies! They need a pleasurable pastime to help improve their concentration and lower their hyperactivity at the same time. But that’s if you, the parent, choose the right activities. Aside from the aforementioned hobbies, you can also incorporate music and play musical instruments. Practising a single type of instrument will help keep your body – specifically your finger and arms – moving while also improving your attention through the music sheet.

For an ADHD child, school usually takes the majority of their times since they have to work twice as hard as the others. Most of the time ADHD students think that if they don’t do well,  they feel like complete failures. As parents, you should not give your children that kind of mindset. So always repeat these six words: “School isn’t the only thing that matters.”

The Impact Of Hobbies On Child ADHD Symptoms

While you should tell your child to do good in school, you should also tell him or her to not take it too seriously. Why? Because hobbies exist, and they can also broaden the interest of ADHD children, which would lead to more career options. Those who are born with ADHD have lots of creativity and imagination in them. The problem is that they can’t develop the same way people learn about science and medicine. These subjects are usually the career basis for normal, non-ADHD students.

An ADHD child needs to focus more on cultivating their creativity as it will help develop interests that will find them jobs such as drawing, painting, architecture, play or songwriting, cooking, sports, video gaming, and performing on stage. This concept is essential for ADHD kids that suffer from ADHD to remember since often they aren’t good academically compared to other children, even when they are trying hard.

To help your child find his creative talents, you need to start with his hobbies. If you notice that your child likes writing, you should let him spend hours developing his ideas and composing stories on paper. Encourage him to send entries on various writing contests. Or if you’re child is more into sports, you should enrol them in summer clinics or accompany them while they play their game.

Get Expert Help

If you suspect your child to have ADHD, you should seek an ADHD expert help right away. Don’t wait and assume that it will be gone once they reach their adult years. Unless the parent does something about it, a child’s ADHD symptoms are going to be carried all the way to adulthood and potentially hinder his or her life. If your child is showing symptoms of ADHD, you should book an appointment to your nearest ADHD Clinic and get an official diagnosis. If you live in or near Manchester or London, you’ll be delighted to know that the ADHD Centre is currently operating in your area.

Some of you might read this article and immediately think that your children no longer have to try in school. That is wrong. Despite using your child’s hobbies to try and build off a career out of it, you should know that your child also needs a minimum skills level, something that they can learn in school. Acknowledging the importance of school will also give them the chance to work in the same creative field of their choice. An ADHD brain needs typically English, music, art, theatre, technology classes, and other subjects to further develop their blossoming skills. Combine these subjects with your child’s hobbies, and he will undoubtedly discover his hidden talents early. Let your child build on their talents early, and they will transition it towards later years, where they can use it to land the ideal job in the future.

At The ADHD Centre, we offer an ADHD Test Online for you to know or confirm if you or a loved one happens to have ADHD and if you would like some further guidance and support on managing your ADHD then please contact us at The ADHD Centre on 0800 061 4276 or via [email protected].

The ADHD Centre also offers holistic ADHD treatment and cares for both children and adults. We are also affiliated with other ADHD clinics and organisations to maximise our services. Are you living in the UK? Lovely! We also offer an ADHD Online Assessment via Zoom for Healthcare. So wherever you are in the UK, know that the ADHD Centre is always available for your ADHD needs.

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