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Specialist Student Clinic for Adult ADHD at The ADHD Centre

Specialist Student Clinic

At the ADHD Centre, we recognise that being a student can be a very difficult transition time in a young person’s life and we, therefore, run a specialist student ADHD and general psychiatric clinic in which we offer a comprehensive diagnosis and treatments service for both overseas and home grown students.

Our ADHD treatment packages usually involve a combination of the latest evidence based medications, which have been shown to be safe and highly effective in clinical practice, and working with a Specialist ADHD Coach, using Cognitive Behavioural Techniques and a Strengths Based Positive Psychology approach to help students develop new skills in the following areas:

  • good time management and effective study skills
  • techniques for better organization and academic self-study
  • prioritisation of tasks and staying focused
  • organization skills to complete assignments on time
  • effective revision and exam preparation

We understand that exam times and assessments can be particularly challenging for students with ADHD and in fact this is often when the diagnosis of ADHD is made. We have therefore developed close relationships with most of the large college and university student health departments and are used to liaising with them to ensure that students with a diagnosis of ADHD are given the extra support and allowances that they need when it comes to handing in course work and sitting exams. We can also help you to apply for disability student allowance to fund your treatment.

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Who We Are

We are a team of experienced Consultant Psychiatrists, Psychologists and ADHD Behavioural Coaches.

We have been diagnosing and treating people with ADHD since 2009.


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