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Frequently Asked Questions About Hiring An ADHD Coach


Hiring an ADHD coach is similar to hiring a personal trainer for your brain. It can be extremely beneficial to have someone understand you and what you’re going through, and helping you out with overcoming it. But is it the right therapy for you? Here are some frequently asked questions for people who are having doubts about hiring a coach to help manage their ADHD.

What is An ADHD Coach?

An ADHD Coach is a person who specializes in helping their clients with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder overcome and manage their condition to reach their personal goals.

What are the characteristics of an exceptional coach?

An exceptional coach is one who is good at encouraging people, can come up with the best solutions for any situation, and can provide the necessary support to allow their clients to accomplish their goals and be successful.

Is an ADHD Coach similar to a Therapist?

First of all, we should consider that ADHD coaching and ADHD therapy are two different concepts. The latter deals with treating psychological issues that are long-term, as well as dealing with intensive inter and intrapersonal matters and cognitive-behavioral development. It commonly focuses on past engagements and how it relates to their client’s progress. Coaching, on the other hand, is a very proactive method and has nothing to do with psychological issues.

Is coaching cheaper than therapy?

Price between coaching and therapy will always vary, from the lowest cost of €40 per hour to over €200 per hour. Also keep in mind that the rate will depend on the expertise of the coach you’re going to hire, his/her level of involvement and so many other factors.

Can I just ask someone I know to coach me for free?

Does your friend have a broad knowledge of what ADHD is and why it makes you do unconventional things? Are they going to understand if you keep coming short or is unable to reach a particular deadline or goal? If the answer is no, then there you have it. Your parents, spouse, or friends should not be able to coach your loved ones. Having a certified ADHD coach can provide all the necessary strategies that you need to overcome your ADHD. They can also be the most understanding person you can turn to when you feel like the entire world is against you because of your condition.

Does ADHD coaching require a long-term commitment?

It depends on you and what your treatment goals are. If you’re going to hire a coach for a particular project, then you can use that to determine how long you will commit to the entire process. On the other hand, if you are hiring a coach for more generalized self-help, you can choose to turn it into a long-term partnership. Keep in mind that most coaches suggest a three to six-month commitment.

What happens when I hire a coach and realise that it doesn’t work for me?

No worries! The majority of ADHD coaches are hesitant to offer written contracts. Most usually will let you stop the coaching sessions immediately if it’s not working for you.

Can Anyone be a Coach?

Technically, yes since there are currently no university degrees in ADHD coaching and there is no particular license needed to be a certified ADHD coach, unlike that of doctors, therapists, and other professions. The better question would be, “can anyone become an effective ADHD coach?,” in which case, the answer is an absolute “NO.” Despite the limited requirement to become one, ADHD coaching is a specialized field, and you as an ADHDer needs to hire a coach who is 100% knowledgeable about what they are doing.


Hiring a coach can be hard if you have a lot of doubts in your head. But keep in mind that no other person is capable of helping you cope with your condition better than a certified ADHD coach. We hope we answered all the necessary question that is on your mind that’s giving you second thoughts on whether or not to hire a coach to help manage your ADHD.

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