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Dr. Hamid Reza Rahmanian

Consultant Adult Psychiatrist

MD, FRCPsych

GMC Number: 6117971

Dr. Rahmanian is a leading Consultant Psychiatrist working for one of the largest London NHS trusts. He is a very conscientious and caring clinician. He has a special interest in primary care liaison psychiatry and the assessment and management of Adult ADHD.

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Adult ADHD

General Adult Psychiatry

Qualifications and Education

CTT in General Adult Psychiatry

Approved Clinician

Honorary senior lecturer at St.George’s University

Professional Bodies and Membership

Member of the Royal College of Psychiatry

Member of the General Medical Council

Member of the MDDS

Awards and Recognitions

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November Best Audit (certificate and prize) Queen Elizabeth Psychiatric Hospital (2007)

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Award of Distinction Kerman Medical University (1997)

While I am now moving over to a shared care agreement with the NHS, Dr. Rahmanian’s help cannot go understated. I had struggled with feeling unheard by multiple doctors and psychologists, but within the first 40 minute call with him I actually felt as though I had hope to get sorted. He spoke with me and settled my initial fear of the cost of the assessment, as I was scared that I did not have ADHD. He had a preliminary call with me before anything, and after speaking with him he had settled any worry I had. Upon going through the assessment and the subsequent tests for medication I was able to ask as many questions as necessary and recieved responses back very quickly. The following months I had reviews on the dosage of medication I was taking, and at no point did he make me feel like it wasn’t my choice. I fully felt like he was taking me 100% at face value, and we were working together, not just him doing what he wanted. I have now settled on the medication that works best for me, and am still receiving a prescription until my GP is happy to move me over. I still recieve good responses, and still feel like I am able to speak about any issues. I would advise anyone that was in the same position as me to speak with him, as I have not yet had a doctor who seemed like they wanted to work with me the same way Dr. Rahmanian has.

20th April 2023

Dr Rahmaian has diagnosed me with ADHD at the age of 52. The diagnosis has made an amazing difference to my life and those I live and work with. Thank you so much

4th April 2023

Dr. Rahmanian is friendly, compassionate, knowledgeable, and caring. The assessment was to the point and I felt comfortable and confident that we had reached an accurate and appropriate diagnosis and treatment plan. I feel well-supported on my journey to better health and well-being. Dr. Rahmanian has been an invaluable resource, and I’m so grateful for the care and attention I received. Thank you so very much for all your help Dr Rahmanian!

20th May 2023

I was placed under Dr. Rahmanian’s care through the ADHD centre – After suffering from consistent issues with mental health and certain aspects of life from around 6 years old, I had had prior experience with psychiatrists who had never fully diagnosed and treated the root causes of my issues.

After underperformance in school and a long period of unemployment I started looking for work at 23, but found myself unable to keep up with the demands of life. I was finally diagnosed with ADHD after a consultation with Dr. Rahmanian, at age 24. The diagnosis consisted of periods of me being directly asked specific questions relating to official diagnostic criteria , and periods where I could elaborate and talk about things I felt relevant. In addition to this the perspectives of my family and girlfriend where also considered.

Dr. Rahmanian has a very calming yet assertive presence that felt very professional and reassuring. I felt confident to open up and explain myself to him, and he was in charge of guiding the consultation keeping everything on track. At the end I felt very understood and listened to. I was diagnosed with ADHD-C.

Following on from this I decided to try medication. Dr. Rahmanian had high safety standards before I could being titrating the medication including me getting an ECG and bloodpressure check, and blood test for liver and kidney function plus others. As I understand this dedication to safety is above and beyond what is legally required, and as someone who is prone to worrying about health it made me feel very secure and in safe hands.

I began medication under Dr. Rahmanian. The whole time I was given options over my treatment. At every appointment, after reiving medical advice and guidance I was left in charge of what I would like to do going forward, such as increasing the dose or changing the medication. I settled on the appropriate dose and was entered into a shared care agreement after 4 or so months.

I can not stress enough how drastically my life has changed for the better since starting this medication. It has been completely life changing and at every step of the way Dr. Rahmanian has been a friendly, supportive and professional guide.

If you are considering going for private treatment I highly recommended choosing Dr. Rahmanian as your psychiatrist as he is very personable, makes you feel in control and has uncompromising standards of safety and professionalism.

26th October 2022
Written by a private patient at The ADHD Centre

Dr Rahmanian diagnosed me with ADHD earlier this year in 2022.
He is very friendly and kind, and I always felt listened to.

I couldn’t recommend Dr Rahmanian more, he is a 5 star Consultant and he liaised with my GP to ensure that I got the best care, and was very helpful in explaining the whole process, including reasonable adjustments in my workplace and with medication. I am a 32 year old woman who also works as a healthcare professional so to speak with someone that understood my situation was very important to me.

Dr Rahmanian was very thorough in his assessment and diagnosis and always ensured that I understood what was happening with my care.

I trust Dr Rahmanian wholeheartedly and I would see him again if I needed to.
I have seen various Doctors over the years for my mental health conditions aswell, and out of all the Doctors I have dealt with for various things in my life Dr Rahmanian has been one of the very best.

Dr Rahmanian passed no judgments on me as a person as some Doctors have done in the past (I am in a same sex marriage) and I felt I was treated fairly and equally at all times.

I would highly recommend Dr Rahmanian to anyone who requires an assessment for ADHD.

Many Thanks to Dr Rahmanian and all the staff at the ADHD centre I spoke to on the phone – they were always very helpful!

11th September 2022
Written by a private patient at The ADHD Centre

I’ve been diagnosed with ADHD by Dr. Rahmanian and started treatment with him at ADHD centre.

He was kind and understanding throughout all of our sessions. He always involved me me in decisions about my treatment and his recommendations about medication have helped me a lot with managing my symptoms.

I’m very grateful for his help and I would fully recommend him as an ADHD specialist.

29th August 2022
Written by a private patient at The ADHD Centre

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