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How to keep the kids entertained over the summer holidays


A lack of routine or structure can make the holidays more challenging for all families, but especially those with ADHD. If you are stuck on activities to keep the kids entertained over the school holidays then we have put together 5 starting points to help.

Keep moving 

Children with ADHD usually struggle with sitting still for long periods of time. So try to keep the children moving and active where possible. This could be setting up an obstacle course in the garden or going for a walk. If the weather is not great, YouTube can be your friend by searching for child-friendly workout outs such as those with Cosmic Kids Yoga and Joe Wicks.


Make use of technology for the kids to have a bit of down time or to learn about something new. Although many zoos and museums are now back open, many have added virtual tours to allow those that are unable to physically visit to take part and interact. Technology can be a great resource, however, like anything it is best in moderation, so it is sensible to limit the amount of time spent using it where possible.

Day trips

With lockdown gradually easing, albeit with rules in place, it is now possible to go on day trips, for example going to the seaside. Day trips can be a fun way to break up the school holidays. As well as the seaside, zoos and museums are now opening, and the National Trust are also opening up some of their properties too. Places such as trampoline parks and snow domes are also opening in the coming weeks.

Learn new skills or set challenges

Why not teach the kids a new skill or set them a fun challenge. This is especially important for kids with ADHD who can become easily bored and restless. For example cooking, gardening, skateboarding or trampolining. These are great life skills and can help develop to develop their knowledge in a wide range of areas. These types of activities can lend themselves to short activities or even projects over a few weeks.

Pinterest is an amazing resource of ideas if you need some inspiration for summer projects to do with your children. There is everything from craft ideas, recipes, physical games, gardening projects and much more. You can explore Pinterest here

Ask your child

This may seem like an obvious one, but ask your child if there is anything that they’d really like to do this summer. Depending on what they say you may need to compromise, or break this down into smaller chunks but ultimately if they are able to do something that they want to do then they will be more engaged in it. For example, if a child wants to go to Disneyland, this may not be possible, however, this could be used as a topic or a theme to plan activities around.

Further help and guidance

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