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Leah Planetta

ADHD Coach, Career Coach


Before training as an ADHD Coach following her own ADHD diagnosis, Leah worked for 12 years as a Career and Employment Coach. She currently works as an Employment Specialist with the NHS where she works within secondary mental health community teams to support people with mental ill health to develop their career and employment goals, and obtain employment that supports their mental health recovery. In this role, she has worked directly with clients and employers to develop reasonable adjustments to support people in the workplace, and help employers meet their responsibility and desire to support their employees.

She is also a Certified Career Development Practitioner, and a certified Holistic Narrative Career Professional. Most career coaching uses an approach where you are “typed” or put into categories. A Narrative Career Coach treats you as a whole person with the perspective that your career isn’t just your job and touches every part of your life. Using your experiences, you get clear about what you want, your strengths and talents, and the career possibilities that emerge are completely unique to you because they come from you.

In addition to common ADHD coaching topics, Leah combines her employment and career sector experience with her professional training as an ADHD Coach to help her clients identify what’s holding them back in their lives and careers and co-create a plan to develop their goals, identify and lead their strengths, while taking into account their unique brain wiring.


  • Career exploration and decision making and career change.

  • ADHD in the workplace including reasonable adjustments and wellness action plans.

Qualifications & Education

  • ADDCA (ADD Coaching Academy), Basic Coach Training

  • Holistic Narrative Career Professional

  • Certificate in Helping people with disabilities into employment

  • Certified Career Development Practitioner

Professional Bodies & Membership

  • Employment Specialist at the National Health Service

Awards and Recognitions

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