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Leveraging Technology


Useful Apps for Kids with ADHD

Let’s look at some of the apps and tools that can support and help children with ADHD:

Put it away

– For parents whose kid’s mess up their room, they can use an augmented reality by installing a free iOS app known as “Put It Away.” Most of the games on the app are easy; kids will find several items lying everywhere around the room on the screen of the phone. Their main goal is to get rid of the mess by putting things in their rightful places and getting the virtual room organized. With this app, your kids can learn how to clean their bedroom and home and also understand their suitable places for various household items such as DVD player, bookshelf, TV, and several others.

Monster Physics

– This is an interesting and fun-to-play game which will help teach your child real laws ofphysics. The gameplay isn’t difficult, so when kids are unable to complete a mission, they will be able to learn from the mistakes they’ve made and also start all over again. Another way to look at this game is to regard it as a simplified version of minecraft where you need to build things. It’s an app that parents of kids with ADHD should also try out.

Toca Nature

– Toca Nature is a sandbox game which requires the player to design and also decorate their world. Parents can also play with their child to help them develop their creativity and foster their attention to detail. In this game, there are no tasks, quests or goals; players are free to make theirs. This kind of game will help to significantly calm down your active child and it’s a breath-taking game.


– This is another game that helps kids to keep their room tidy and organised. You can challenge your kids to keep their rooms clean by using the Choremoster app. To achieve this, parents need to join the game and also execute the tasks together. When your kids finish a task, they are entitled to points and any one with the biggest score at the end of the game wins. You shouldn’t forget to reward your children when they win and don’t win too often if you’re the competitive type; give your children the chance to win too.

Bugs and Buttons 2

– This app can be found both on Android and iOS app store and it deals with one of the most problematic issues of children with ADHD which is their lack of attention. Apart from helping with attention, the game is very entertaining and can practically take your kid’s breath away. Bugs and Button requires that children remain attentive to details before they can pass and move on to the next level of the game. The game provides children a captivating experience which can help them develop concentration and attention. It has 18 games that are designed to entertain, inspire and teach your children. Also, the games contain 3D life-like instructions such as fluttering, scurrying and slithering bugs. There are colourful buttons which bounce and shuffle just to grab the attention of your child. This app incorporates patterns, shapes, letters and several others into all the 18 games which provides your child with a rich experience while having a fun-learning experience.

Endless Reader

– If you’re searching for an app that can help your child to stay focused on learning sight words and also their context and usage with adorable Endless monsters, then Endless readers is one app you need to consider. It’s a highly rated app that was created by a team of passionate artists and engineers that are focused on providing the best education and entertainment apps for children.

Breathe, Think, Do with Sesame

– Your child will definitely love this app if he/she loves Sesame Street. The app helps to teach kids various skills such as self- control, task perseverance, problem-solving and planning. With this app, your child will also be able to get their Sesame Street monster friends to help them calm down and deal with everyday issues. In addition, your child will be able to enjoy animation and playful interactions while being exposed to vital emotional vocabulary, personal encouragements, and breathing techniques.

Forest Plot

– Apps like forest plot, in which you grow your tree while focussing, is a fun way to cultivate a more realistic sense of passing time. One of the things that kids with ADHD struggle with is the concept of time. Generally, they find it hard to grasp how long a certain amount of time really is or how much time has passed.

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