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Life Hacks: Your Adult ADHD Guide to Less Mess, Less Stress


An ADHD adult’s life is often preyed upon by disorganisation – causing a feeling of being overwhelmed, out of control, or the worst – stress.  Little do we know, there are simple and unrecognisable solutions to avoid being undermined by ADHD disorganisation. Follow these adult ADHD guide or life hacks and keep staying on track.

Adult ADHD Guide or Life Hacks

Hack #1: Set alarms

If you find it hard to finish tasks that take up quite a long time, do it in increments. Set the alarm or a timer for 15 minutes or so, and keep on going until your alarm goes off. If you think you can continue doing your task, set another alarm.

Hack #2: Get yourself a buddy.

ADHD can cause you quickly lose focus. Find someone, a friend or a family member, to do things with you. When you have someone to work alongside you, you can create a more productive atmosphere and also remind you to get back to what you are doing whenever you get too distracted.

a person set an alarm beside the bed place at the top of the table

Hack #3: Organise to-do lists

List all the things you need to do, then pick out the ones you need to do first. When your ADHD brain finds it hard to determine what to do with everything you have on your plate, prioritise. Pick three most urgent things to be done. After doing these, pick the things that are less urgent and start doing them.

Hack #4: Write it down.

“I’ll remember that later.” – This is one of the biggest lies you tell yourself every day. You know you can’t trust your memories to do all the remembering. People with ADHD are often challenged with forgetfulness and loss of attention to details. Write things down or record it on your smartphone so you won’t have a hard time going through your head whenever you need it.

a paper with a text of To Do List with a pencil on top

Hack #5: Sort your mails.

Mails can sure be overwhelming. Collect and sort them on a daily basis. Keep a sorting box near your desk or your door where you can separate junk mails from important ones. You can sort them by deadlines and levels of importance.

Hack #6: Take advantage of technology.

Go digital to your banking and bills. It minimises paperwork and eliminates the need to write everything down.

Hack #7: Have a launch box.

Secure a box or a basket where you can put your essentials, such as car keys and wallet, as soon as you get home. With this hack, you can easily pick up your essential whenever you need to leave the house and avoid wasting time on figuring out where you’ve put your keys or purse.

Hack #8: Reduce your space.

Limit your desk space to avoid attracting clutter. If your desk is always buried in paper, get a smaller desk. If your backpack is always cluttered, get a briefcase or an organiser.

Hack #9: Make colour your friend.

Colourful items are much easier to find than neutral-coloured ones. Post colourful notes as reminders and organise paperwork with colour-coded markers.

Hack #10: Store related items together and label storage boxes.

Keep objects that are used together in the same storage bin. This will keep you from running around the house looking for the things you need whenever you are doing something. It also helps to label storage boxes so you can easily tell what’s inside.

two women talking with each other while the other pointing her hands to colourfol notes

Hack #11: Focus on departure.

Instead of thinking about your deadline or your time to reach a destination, focus on the time of your departure. If your appointment is at 10:00, and it takes 15 minutes to get there, aim to depart at 9:30.


Use these hacks to simplify life and avoid your ADHD symptoms getting in your tail of getting your life together. Less mess, less stress.

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