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6 Things Every Workspace Needs For Maximum Productivity [For Adults With ADHD]

Are you struggling in a group settings and workplaces and feeling pressure of finishing task? All you need to do is assess your workspace and turn it into an environment that can help trigger your hidden ability to concentrate and focus. To give you a heads up, here are six things you should do in your workspace to achieve productivity and efficiency.
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6 Things Every Workspace Needs For Maximum Productivity [For Adults With ADHD]


For Adults with ADHD, productivity seems to be a forgotten word. The influence of the ADHD brain is so severe that it can potentially hinder a person’s ability to get things done. That’s why people with adults with ADHD workspace tend to struggle in group settings and workplaces. Their brains just don’t seem to function well when under pressure of finishing a task. However, that can be remedied.

Achieving maximum productivity isn’t impossible for people with ADHD. All you need to do is assess your workspace and turn it into an environment that can help trigger your hidden ability to concentrate and focus. To give you a heads up, here are six things you should do in your workspace to achieve productivity and efficiency.

Six Things You Should Do For Adults with ADHD Workspace

1.) A Clean & Clear Desk

The ADHD brain hates a dirty and cluttered desk. It will only give you the impression that “my desk is too messy for me to work.” Thus, you create a reason to procrastinate. So if you do have a messy and crowded desk, start clearing things and make it free of any unwanted distractions. Leave only the ones you truly need for your work. Remove all the assorted of papers, documents, soda cans, empty bags of chips, etc.

Keep in mind that Adult people with ADHD tend to have visuals that are a lot more sensitive compared to the average person. A desk filled with trash and paperwork will be a lot more distracting to you than your non-ADHD peers. Some might deny this, claiming that the clutter on their desk doesn’t bother them at all. But little do they know is that their subconscious tells them otherwise. It can be challenging to focus and be productive while all of your other unfinished work surround you. So clear your desk and leave the one that you’re currently working on.

2.) Get Comfortable

If you’ve already cleared your desk and still can’t concentrate properly, you need to start asking yourself if you’re comfortable sitting in your workspace or not. While most normal people are okay with working in an uncomfortable workplace, it’s a different story for a person with ADHD. So make sure that you’re comfortable with your workspace and not for long, you’ll see drastic changes in your productivity levels.

Here’s a checklist to help you assess your workspace and determine the most comfortable setting for you:


Are you more comfortable with a warm or cold workspace?


Do you prefer bright or dim lighting?

Chair & Desk

Is your chair adjusted at the ideal height? Is it too high or too low?
Are you at an awkward angle? Do you prefer facing a different direction?


Do you prefer a particular scent in your workspace?

Keep in mind that people with ADHD are more sensitive to all of these factors, so don’t assume that you’re overreacting.

3.) Know Your Noise

Do you prefer working in a peaceful and quiet setting? Or does a noisy workplace suit your taste more? There’s really no right answer to this one. ADHD or not, different people have their own choice when it comes to their preferred level of sound while working. Determine what you prefer to get your confidence juices pumping as you work.

If you have yet to discover your preferred work noise, answer the following and make your own judgment:

  • Do you prefer having your earphones on and listening to some good music?
  • Do you prefer working in a peaceful and quiet room?
  • Are you more comfortable with working alongside your peers in a busy and noisy workplace?

4.) Lessen The Distractions

For a person with ADHD, distractions are the bane to your productivity. So make sure you do the following before you even start working:

  1. Turn off your phone and set it aside.
  2. Close and lock the door.
  3. Close your email.
  4. Block every website on your browser that can get you distracted (e.g., social media sites like Facebook and video hosting sites like YouTube).

Cutting all the distractions will guarantee that your productivity levels will skyrocket. Not only will you get things done faster, but you will also have all the free time to do the things you want.

5.) Utilise A Timer

At this point, you’ve already created your ideal workspace. Now’s the time to take things to the next level by using a timer to help you stay on track of your tasks and make sure you don’t burn out yourself. Set the timer for thirty minutes. Start working at the same moment you activate your timer. After the 30-minute mark, pause; stand up and stretch to loosen your body as you prepare for another thirty minutes of work.

Breaking down your work into small portions is beneficial since it teaches your ADHD mind to focus exclusively on one thing for an ample amount of time. Doing so will guarantee that you will achieve progress in anything you do.

6.) Use A Notebook

Once you start using a timer, you’ll notice that thoughts of your other tasks constantly pop into your mind. Previously, you might have already taken action immediately on these thoughts just in case you forget them. You might realise now that what you were doing before wasn’t productive since you were jumping from one task to another.

Now that you’ve got everything set, you wouldn’t want your own thoughts to counter your productivity. So instead of diverting towards what you’re thinking, use a notebook instead and write everything down. That way, you will still be reminded to do it later when you’re all done with what you’re currently doing. Just keep in mind that using a timer will make you think less of other things while you’re working on completing a task.


Sometimes people with ADHD tend to overlook and ignore their symptoms. Some even assume that it will eventually subside – but it won’t. Your ADHD will stay unless you do something about it. If you think you have ADHD, it’s important that you go get help right away. So book an appointment to your nearest local ADHD Clinic today and get a proper diagnosis. If you live on or near London or Manchester, you’ll be delighted to know that the ADHD Centre is currently operating in these areas.

The ADHD Centre offers holistic ADHD treatment and care for both children and adults. We are also affiliated with other ADHD clinics and organisations to maximise our services. Are you living outside the aforementioned UK cities? No worries! We are also offering online consultations via Zoom for Healthcare. So wherever you are, know that the ADHD Centre London will always be available to help you with your ADHD needs.

Set Yourself Up For Productive Success

It is possible for someone with ADHD to be productive. All they need is to make the necessary adjustments. The ADHD mind has the unsung skill of being able to focus and concentrate. However, you need to first set the tone of our environment in order to trigger this ability. Hopefully, these six tips will help you get going on your journey towards productivity.

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