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Dr. Mukesh Kripalani

Consultant Adult Psychiatrist

MD, FRCPsych

GMC Number: 6034252

Enhanced Holistic Assessment

Dr. Kripalani is our lead adult Consultant Psychiatrist. He is a Fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrists and was a Regional Representative for the General and Community Faculty of the Royal College of Psychiatrists. He is actively at the forefront of personalised psychiatric care in the UK today, using an array of personal experiences, the latest research and pharmacogenetic testing, to achieve optimum outcomes.

His devotion to excellent clinical care has been acknowledged by the NHS as he has been awarded Clinical Excellence Awards by the NHS trusts he has worked for.

Dr. Kripalani has a wealth of experience in treating clients. He has considerable expertise in understanding the different ways in which ADHD symptoms can present throughout life and their potential relationship to the development of other comorbid psychiatric conditions such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, emotional lability (rejection sensitivity) and PTSD.

He has authored several publications on the above topics and a simple search can reveal the depth of knowledge that he possesses.

His published work has been cited more than a 100 times in articles and textbooks.

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Adult ADHD


General Adult

Early intervention psychiatry

Education and Qualifications

CCT Adult psychiatry

Passed MRC Psych 2

Passed MRC Psych 1

PLAB 1 and 2: London

On the GMC Specialist Register

(CCT): Feb 2010

Section 12(2) approved: 2006

Recognized as Approved clinician and Responsible Clinician MHA 1983

Professional Bodies & Membership

Member of the Royal College of Psychiatry: Dec 2005

Research Publications

December 2018: Commentary article: ADHD is everybody’s business. Nursing and Family Health Care, 2018; Online ISSN: 2631-9942. DOI:10.15761/NFHC.1000106

June 2016: Only author in an online rapid response to BMJ article on ADHD. “What about cardiovascular risk with stimulants in adults?” Highlighting adult onset ADHD symptoms are becoming prominent and prescribing involves risks.

Corresponding author in article “Opportunities for suicide prevention in the general medical setting” Published November 2015 in Nursing Standard. 30, 10, 44-48.

Second author in Primary Heath care “Working together to reduce suicide, is it possible?” Published May 2015 Primary Health Care. 25, 5, 30-33

Second author in correspondence article published in print titled “Are conclusions overstated for Placebo response?”

Second author in correspondence article published in print titled “False positive phencyclidine result on urine drug testing: a little known cause”

Second author in correspondence article “Are we reinforcing the anti-medical model?” Published Dec 2014 in the British Journal of Psychiatry

Fourth author in Plos one article: Renal Failure in lithium-treated bipolar disorder: A Retrospective cohort study. Published: March 26, 2014 DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0090169

Second author in Advances in Psychiatric Treatment: Management of the renal adverse effects of lithium. APT November 2013 19:457-466

First author in correspondence article (June 2013): Results for behavioural activation are overstated. Kripalani M and Suleman M. Br J Psychiatry (2013) 202: 466

First and only author in response to “Patients repeatedly attending accident and emergency departments seeking psychiatric care” labeled “Overstated clinical implications” published April 2011 in The Psychiatrist and in the print version in June 2011

First author in Practice pointer in the British Medical Journal: Lithium and chronic kidney disease, BMJ 2009;339:b2452.

First author in the article: Integrated care pathway for self-harm: our way forward. Emerg Med J 2010;27:544-546

Awards and Recognitions

I cannot express enough how amazing and caring the ADHD centre have been with me. I have been under their treatment and supervision for 1 year+ ever since I have gotten my diagnosis with them.

I have only had appointments with Dr Kripalani which is why I can only reflect on his care. Dr Kripalani is amazingly attentive, thorough and considers any issue I bring from all angles – holistically, pharmacologically and evidence based. He will take the time to understand as well as explain until he makes sures that I also understand. He is always guided by me and the doctor-patient relationship feels very much like a productive working relationship. Dr Kripalani is worth every penny!

Nothing has been too much for the ADHD Centre – they have helped me and have gone above and beyond for me numerous times.

My quality of life has drastically improved. Choosing the ADHD Centre has been one of the best impulsive ADHD decisions I have ever made and I will forever be grateful to them. After having numerous traumatising experiences within the NHS and separately, I have finally managed to find the team of professionals who have listened to me, accepted me and genuinely made me feel like they care for me and they want to see me get better and lead a better life.

22nd May 2023
Vanela Maria Popa

I contacted The ADHD Centre about 18 months after being diagnosed with ADHD, and feeling extremely frustrated to have not yet found a combination of medication that I was happy with. My experience with Dr Kripalani has been fantastic. For the first time in my life, I am now on a combination of medication that works well. Dr K is not only extremely knowledgeable, but also a compassionate professional who shows a genuine interest in treating all aspects of your ADHD.

S Thakrar

I have had the amazing opportunity to be diagnosed and treated by Dr Kripalani.

I was absolutely desperate for help after years of suffering and feeling missunderstood, wondering what is wrong with me and not finding any answers. I have been dismissed by multiple healthcare professionals, however in my appointment with Dr Kripalani it was the first time I have ever felt like someone believes me and I am not, in fact, making any of this up. It turns out throughout this whole time I was struggling with ADHD, which is severely under diagnosed in women.

Dr Kripalani not only listened to every single one of my concerns, but actively sought to help me and involved me in planning a treatment which has drastically changed my quality of life. There were times where I would only say one sentence and Dr Kripalani instantly knew what it was (rejection sensitivity for example) , which are symptoms I have never heard of before. He would always try and find a solution in a holistic way.

I cannot thank the center enough and especially Gemma, Dr Kripalani’s secretary, who has always helped me and accommodate all my needs.

I am hoping that in the future, the NHS could receive any resources and funding in order to be able to put this kind of care in place,as it is much needed. I strongly believe that most healthcare professionals would like to offer this quality of service to each and every patient on the NHS, however they are limited due to the struggles that the NHS is currently facing. It is not fair on either patients or healthcare professionals and it’s time for things to change.
I have been lucky enough to be able to be treated by the centre. I wish all my fellow ADHDers good luck in finding a doctor who understands them and a treatment that works for them!

9th January 2023
Written by a private patient

He is very knowledgeable and gives you a good insight into your issue along with what should be the plan of action. He gives you a chance to review all the different medication which suits your need and informs the risk respectively. Gives you the opportunity to decide which medicine you would like to go with.

Its very obvious that he has vast knowledge in ADHD, Anxiety disorders, Depression, personality disorder etc. He is very empathizing and works around your need.

Fantastic doctor will recommend highly.

2nd May 2015
Written by a patient at 6 Harley Street

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