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A positive outlook for new developments for ADHD in 2024

As 2024 approaches, there is optimism for positive developments in the ADHD community. Anticipated changes include advancements in ADHD medication, with a focus on more targeted and effective treatments.
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A positive outlook for new developments for ADHD in 2024


As we approach the new year, the prospect of new developments for ADHD brings a sense of hope.

We look at some of the changes coming in 2024, with many set to have a positive impact on the ADHD community.

From improvements to medication supply to emerging technologies and broader societal changes. We are optimistic that the coming year will be a promising one.

New developments for ADHD – Medication

There has been a recent nationwide shortage of ADHD medication due to increased global demand and manufacturing problems.

The problem is ongoing via the NHS, although some medications are now in stock certain supplies remain disrupted.

The charity ADHD UK recently reported that Takeda, a major supplier of ADHD medication, expects ‘intermittent disruption’ until April 2024. We would recommend you speak to your GP or our assessment team for more information.

Alternative medication may be available until manufacturers resolve the supply issue.

ADHD medication is evolving as research into ADHD continues. Some of the new developments for ADHD medication next year could include:

  • The development of more targeted and effective medications with fewer side effects.
  • Longer-lasting formulations or alternative administration methods (e.g., patches or extended-release options) that enhance treatment adherence.
  • More targeted and personalised treatments
    We will report on any advancements to medication announced in 2024.

Legal changes


We would like to see new laws or policies to support people with ADHD in the workplace and at school. This will help make the work or educational environment more inclusive and supportive.

A general election is likely in May 2024 so changes to mental health policies including ADHD could be included. The government has already pledged to reduce NHS waiting times, but whether this will include mental health services, remains to be seen.

ADHD research

ADHD UK is currently conducting research into the structured support available for people with ADHD. We could see the results announced next year.

In particular, it wants to learn about people’s experiences of sitting exams in exam halls, to-do systems, access to work, student Disability Allowance and/or Personal Independence Payments.

If you’ve got experience in any of these areas ADHD UK would like to hear from you. You can complete the survey HERE.

The ADHD research lab at Kings College, London has a specialist research lab dedicated to ADHD. It focuses on adults with the condition, who are often under-represented in research.

Projects it will be working on in 2024 include:

  • Cardio and non-cardio exercise as standalone or adjunct treatments
  • Dietary modulation in the form of protein supplementation with Tryptophan
  • Eye movement training
  • Mindfulness-based practice

You can view the research projects HERE.

ADHD events

Awareness campaigns and events contribute to a better understanding of ADHD, reducing stigma and fostering empathy.

These are a few of the events taking place in 2024:

The UK Adult ADHD Network (UKAAN) will host a 3-day conference on 16th, 17th, and 18th April 2024 at the Mermaid Conference and Events Centre in London.

The ADHD Foundation has several events running throughout the year.

ADHD UK will be running some virtual events

The Centre for ADHD and Autism Support is hosting several events throughout the year including forums and discussions for different age groups.

Workplace initiatives


More companies are adopting ADHD-friendly workplace policies and practices, such as flexible work schedules and remote work options. The integration of neurodiversity programs within workplaces is needed to support those with ADHD.

There are several guides and resources for employers who want to increase their support for employees with ADHD in the coming year.


School Initiatives


As more and more children are diagnosed with ADHD, schools can not ignore it. There are provisions in place but it can vary between schools.

We hope to see more resources and initiatives introduced in all schools to help students with ADHD.

On February 29th, 2024 there is a virtual online conference designed for staff in schools, nurseries, and colleges who are working with children with ADHD and want to improve on their current practice.

It will cover areas such as being able to recognise characteristics of ADHD in your pupils without a diagnosis and understanding how adjusting teaching styles can hugely benefit pupils and how to implement this across the school.

Register for the conference HERE

Join a community

Growth in local and online support groups for ADHD continues to surge and we expect this to grow further in 2024.

Joining with like-minded individuals fosters a sense of community and shared experiences. Social media platforms host numerous ADHD support groups where you can share experiences, advice, and encouragement. Connecting with others facing similar challenges can reduce feelings of isolation.

Social media is a powerful tool for raising awareness about ADHD and advocating for better understanding and support.

In 2024 expect to see Artificial Intelligence (AI) reach greater heights. AI can be a valuable ally for those with ADHD, offering support and making things a bit easier in our busy world. We will see more of it used in the coming year.

Read more about A! And its impact on ADHD HERE

Let’s embrace 2024

The outlook for ADHD in 2024 is undeniably promising, filled with positive changes that have the potential to enhance the lives of many. From innovative treatments to increased awareness, the landscape is evolving in a way that encourages inclusivity and support.

It is essential to maintain a sense of optimism and proactive engagement as there will be challenges along the way. Positive change often develops from a collective effort.

We all need to stay informed about the latest developments, be a part of the conversation, and develop a community that uplifts and supports each other.

By staying connected, advocating for change, and supporting one another, we can build a world where anyone with ADHD can thrive.

ADHD support

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