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Parent Support:
Child ADHD Behaviour Management

ADHD parenting tips

Bringing up a child with ADHD requires different to traditional parenting skills. Normal rule-making and household routines can become almost impossible. It can become frustrating to cope with some of the behaviours which result from your child’s ADHD, but there are ways to make life more manageable and to make living with ADHD more stress-free.

The ADHD Centre runs a programme for parents working through practical and relevant frameworks to better understand your child’s symptoms, supporting you with implementing accommodations for your child’s ADHD, and teaching you the tools and strategies to build your child’s awareness and self-regulation.  

This 8-step course combines learnings from the latest neuroscience studies, fun and dynamic exercises and worksheets, and an inside knowledge on what’s it like to live with and support someone with ADHD. It is tailored to your needs as a parent so that you can become agents of change for your child’s development. 

The programme can work independently from or alongside one to one coaching for your child with a trained ADHD Coach. 


Have the right mindset

How to remain calm, clear and confident in the face of chaos and disruption!! Know what you’re dealing with. What looks like wilful disobedience might not be. This step will give you an overview of the Executive Function deficits and help you gain insight to the fight/flight/freeze response that causes so much anxiety and stress.


See behaviour as communication

What are they telling you and what do they need? How to reduce overload and overwhelm and to read the signs of tantrums and meltdowns and teach coherent coping skills and transitions skills.


Create the right goals and boundaries

Developing consistent routines and strategies to both reinforce good behaviour and sanction poor choices steers behaviour from unpredictable to a “plotable pathway” through frustrations.


How to listen and show empathy

Understanding the importance of validating emotions to help your child put “thought to words” on the challenges they’re facing. This helps to strengthen their emotional intelligence, increase their social skills and raise awareness of their responsibility for their actions.


Work together to problem solve

Identify chores, games, hobbies that you can do together to teach essential “patterns of behaviour”: breaking down complex projects into manageable tasks, visualising end results and navigating the steps and sequences to get to the end, turning boring work into play, categorising and colour coding homework, belongings and schedules.


Remember who is really in charge of the situation

Model and build resilience through the 7 Cs of confidence, character, control, coping, connection, contribution, competence. Reflection practices to make building resilience a habit of life for your child.


Accommodations at school and at home

Understand the options and adjustments that can be made to support your child’s learning, both at school and at home, that will build focus and organisation. Work through the “ice-berg” model with teachers and support staff so that the strategies at home and at school complement each other.


Mindful moments

Learn a selection of handy exercises that can help both you and your child to come “back to the present moment” and restore peace of mind and kindness of heart. These coping strategies can become accessible “rescue tools” when over stimulation and stress can upset and unnerve your child wherever they are.

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