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Positive Effects of ADHD in Children


While it’s often challenging for children to live with ADHD, the disorder has nothing to do with talent or intelligence. So, children with ADHD can be equally as talented as other children. In addition, kids with ADHD usually display other positive traits which can serve as some form of comfort for parents.


Since children with ADHD usually consider several options at once, they are not always set on one alternative early on and they are also more open to several ideas.


Kids with ADHD can actually be highly creative and imaginative. A child that daydreams and has about ten thoughts all at the same time can become a fountain of ideas, an inventive artist or even a master problem-solver. Although they can easily be distracted, they often also have the ability to notice the things that other people around have failed to see.

Enthusiasm and Spontaneity

It’s quite rare to experience a boring moment when you’re with a child with ADHD. They are usually interested in several things and possess lively personalities. If they aren’t exasperating you (sometimes even when they are), they’re so much fun to be with.

Lots of Energy and Drive

Whenever children with ADHD are motivated, they usually work or play hard and strive to succeed. Interestingly, it may even be hard to distract them from any task they find interesting, especially tasks that are hands-on or interactive.

The first step you need to take when evaluating and treating possible ADHD is to visit a medical professional. They may decide to also refer you to a clinician who specialises in such cases, typically a Consultant Psychiatrist, to carry out full assessment.

Presently, there isn’t a cure for ADHD, however, the focus of this book is to help you with various ways to manage the symptoms using the right support team and treatment. The treatment of the symptoms may involve the use of certain safe medications to reduce the symptoms and cognitive behavioural therapy, which helps to provide information on coping and adjustment skills. Successful management may also importantly involved liaising with the school to help with some accommodations and an individual educational plan (IEP) for your child.

Parents can make a significant impact on their child’s life as well as self-esteem by providing early management of the symptoms. You need to understand that with the combination of medication and self-management techniques covered in this book, you can teach your child how to cultivate the life skills that are required to foster a positive self-image, build healthy relationships and thrive in school. This will in turn serve your child well into adulthood.

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At The ADHD Centre, we offer an Online ADHD Test for you to know or confirm if you or a loved one happens to have ADHD and if you would like some further guidance and support on managing your ADHD then please contact us at The ADHD Centre on 0800 061 4276 or via [email protected]. We can provide you with an in-depth ADHD assessment to improve your understanding of the disorder and to know what treatment method is fit for you.

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