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Rupert Pearson – A Leading ADHD Educational Theraptist and Teacher

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Rupert Pearson

Private Tutor & Educational Therapist

BA (Dunelm), PGCE, PGCert

Rupert Pearson combines academic and ADHD coaching with educational therapy and teacher-trained private tutoring and homeschooling.

Mr Pearson listens to parents and to students. He listens to what they care about, feel good about, believe and want. Together, they explore and clarify the student’s coaching goals, breaking these down, planning and initiating a rolling, adaptive plan for achieving them. 

Passage toward any coaching goal or learning objective is made up of continually adjusted intervening objectives. Mr Pearson’s approach, communication style, session content and activities constantly adapt to your son or daughter’s exact situation, age, personality, attainment and engagement, moment to moment, ensuring the most profitable and productive rapport possible. 

Having coached more than 400 tutees, aged three through emerging adulthood, Mr Pearson has experience of many kinds of goal, for example:

  • understanding and managing ADHD, at home, at study and at play,
  • systemizing and developing learning skills and life skills for confidence and resilience,
  • discovering time awareness and time management; getting up, getting started, getting done,
  • enabling safe or joyful learning for pupils at risk of excessive distress,
  • earning a desired offer of admission to an inspiring opportunity, or
  • simply building grades—and self-belief—to appropriate levels and beyond.

“My students impress and inspire themselves—and their parents—by their own joy and self-evident progress.” — Rupert Pearson. 

You can read more about Mr Pearson’s particular tenets and techniques, his professional interests, not to mention subjects and levels supported, under ‘Specialisations’, below.

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PARTICULAR INTERESTS of Rupert Pearson include facilitating learning with ADHD / executive dysfunctions and co-occurring factors, including:

  • giftedness or ambition;
  • challenges relating to 
    • language, literacy and numeracy, 
    • emotional, sensory and motor function, 
    • empathic, abstract and technical perspective-taking,
    • identification and evaluation of pattern, planning and purpose,
    • with or without additional diagnoses such as of Autism Spectrum Disorders; and
  • relevant maladapted habits such as
    • ‘maths anxiety’,
    • dysfunctional perfectionism,
    • maladaptive stoicism or avoidance,
    • and involuntary daydreaming.


  • Early Years phonics, literacy and numeracy,
  • Eng Lit & Lang, History, Ancient H., Politics, Psych (to 18+),
  • Maths, Phy, Che, Bio, Geography, RS (to 16+),
  • Support for French and Latin (to 11+),
  • Study- and essay-skills (for all other subjects and levels to Postgraduate).


School Admissions:

  • at 3+ through 16+ (CE / CASE / CAT, Ukiset, CEM, ISEB, GL, school-specific papers, interviews and observed group tasks, et cetera)

Secondary level exams: 

  • (i)GCSE, IB-IBO, IB-CIE-OIB, Pre-U, A-Level, BTEC Dip L-3

STRATEGIC RAPPORT. Strategic Rapport is Rupert Pearson’s approach to combined formative assessment, scaffolded independent learning, and one-to-one didactics. Strategic Rapport emphasises discrete, acute, qualitative formative assessment (empathetic and technical), enabling highly proactive adaptation of intended learning. This typically includes tight and precisely customised spiral curricula of missed or maladapted fundamental skills and knowledge, remedially or complimentarily folded into the required curricular, social or meta-learning.

Strategic Rapport employs its own techniques for PROBLEM SOLVING (‘Mêtis’), MOTIVATIONAL MINDSET (‘Growth Mêtis’) and for executing orderly and logically sequenced adaptive campaigns of learning (MIDAS) inspired by Incidental Teaching, Embedded Discrete Trial Teaching, Imitation Method, Social Problem Solving Therapy, neuropsychology and consciousness research, ancient Hellenic strategic thinking, systems engineering, best practice mainstream teaching methods, and more. 

Strategic Rapport draws further insight, precedent and enrichment from diverse techniques and initiatives — from Strategic Tutoring (Strategic Instruction Model) to Cognitive Strategic Instruction (Self-regulation Strategy Development Model), from Prevention Science (eg, Motivational Interviewing for attitude and comprehension; Cardio-vascular assignments for cognitive support, etc) to Visible Learning (providing for better teacher-student-teacher interaction, among other things), and so on.

Formal approaches to STUDENT SELF-KNOWLEDGE, SELF-REGULATION AND PERSONAL EDUCATIONAL HEALTH are fragmented across disciplines, yet integral to the needs of the student with ADHD. They must be brought forth from such unlike sources as pedagogy, therapy, psychoeducation, metacognition, epistemology, preventative medicine, psychology, neurology, etc.., and in a manner that is customised to the individual student.

Qualifications & Education

Postgraduate Certificate in Education. Keele University

Postgraduate Certificate in ADHD and Related Neurodevelopmental Conditions (neurobiology, epidemiology and management of ADHD and co-occurring disorders) and continuing training. New School of Psychotherapy and Counselling.

Exam board courses in teaching and marking history at GCSE and at A-Level

Professional association courses in pastoral and special educational care

Awards and Recognitions

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