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Stop Wasting Time and Follow These Adult ADHD Tips


Are you an ADHD adult having a hard time finishing a task or even starting one? You are not alone. Time has never been ADHD’s best friend. Keeping a to-do list inside your head will never work. Multi-tasking is just not for us. Common scenario: being in the middle of doing something, and then remembering another thing. We then jump to the stuff we remember and totally forget about the original task we were at. Sounds familiar? Learn this article about the Adult ADHD tips.

Planning Is The Key

As tedious as it is, planning solves a lot of our ADHD problems, especially at work and at home. Aside from planning, here are some things you can remember to help you get things started and get things done.

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Avoid Organising Under Pressure

Have you ever felt the urgent need to change something from your schedule or your to-do list when you get pressured and you feel like you are doing things wrong? If you feel the need to do so, avoid doing it when you are under the gun because for us ADHD adults, it just won’t work. To organise effectively, you need to disconnect from the pressures and take a calm break.

Write To-do list in the paper

As what I have said, mental to-do lists just won’t work. To stay on your tasks, you need to be able to know what to do or where you are at your tasks. One major ADHD symptom you need to combat is forgetfulness.

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Keep a Master Plan

Aside from your to-do list, keep a master plan of the tasks you need to accomplish within the day. Consider separating your home and work master plans. Make it before you start your day or your week. You can base your to-do list from your master plan, breaking down the big tasks into smaller ones. If you have an ADHD child, guide him in writing and following his checklist and put tasks in your master plan that involves you both.

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Classify your tasks as important and urgent. Urgent tasks are the ones that are time-dependent while important tasks are the ones that will lead you closer to achieving your future goals. You might need to finish projects that are important but are not urgent.

Set and know your limits

You can’t do it all, much less do it all in one day. Know when to say no and allow others to achieve other tasks. Sometimes you have to settle on the fact that some things just can’t be done and you’re not going to do it. Pick simple things instead – the ones you can easily accomplish without getting stressed and make sure you accomplish it on a daily basis like washing the dishes.

Nip procrastination in the bud

Procrastination is undeniably the primary hindrance to success for adults with ADHD. There are two main reasons why you procrastinate: disorganisation and disinterest. You can combat these by breaking tasks into smaller ones. Now you know where to start and you have no excuse to lose track of the things you are doing and the ones you still need to do.

Exercise mindfulness

Distractibility is one of the ADHD hallmarks. We sometimes can’t notice that certain distraction is taking so much of our time. Mindfulness is being aware of what you are presently doing and trying to get back on track whenever you are out of it. Determine the duration of each activity and then set a timer. If you are not achieving much, pinpoint the distractions and curb them.

Plans your schedules backwards

Instead of focusing on your arrival time, base your plans on the duration of when you need to get there. For example, if your appointment is at 10:30 and it takes you 5 minutes to walk from home to the bus station and another 20 for the bus ride, leave at 9:50 so you have a spare 15 minutes.

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Keep your brain healthy

How can you finish tasks when you are tired, hungry, or sleepless? In order to boost your adult ADHD management, practice self-care. Eat healthy, exercise and get enough sleep. You need a healthy and well-nurtured brain to keep going.

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Mastering time management as an ADHD adult needs constant hard work and dedication. But if it means securing my ways to success and keeping the home organised, it will always be worth the effort.

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