ADHD in Adult Men and How it Affects Their Relationship

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20/08/2019 ADHD

Did you know that according to ADHD Action, about 1.5 million adults have ADHD in the UK, but just 120,000 are formally diagnosed? About 1 in 7 children have ADHD; their ADHD will actually continue into adulthood, and nearly half of them will have some issues as adults, though not full ADHD.


22/04/2018 ADHD

Are you an ADHD adult having a hard time finishing a task or even starting one? You are not alone. Time has never been ADHD’s best friend. Keeping a to-do list inside your head will never work. Multi-tasking is just not for us. Common scenario: being in the middle of doing something, and then remembering another thing. We then jump to the stuff we remember and totally forget about the original task we were at. Sounds familiar?


02/03/2018 ADHD

So you were just diagnosed with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. You're probably half-relieved-half-worried. All those doubts and wonders that you had are finally answered. Your thoughts might be like "This revelation explains so much about myself! Now life is going to be easy!" Sure, knowing that you have ADHD can be alleviating, but at the same time, it can also cause some concerns. "What does having ADHD mean? Is my brain completely ruined? Will people accept me for who I really am?"


25/01/2018 ADHD

Life is just a matter of managing it efficiently for an adult but if you always find yourself being constantly late, disorganized, forgetful and overwhelmed by responsibilities then you may have ADHD. Attention deficit disorder has been affecting a lot of adults, most of them male, and its vast variety of adult attention deficit disorder symptoms can block you from having a successful relationship to staying on top of your job. Luckily, help is readily available and learning about ADHD is the first step to the best ADHD therapy. Once you understand the challenges you will learn to compensate for your weaknesses and start to take advantage of your strengths.

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