ADHD Coaching: Explaining Your Overly Intense Emotions

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23/03/2018 ADHD

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder is a mental condition that is mostly associated with negative impressions. A lot of times, the media, along with the general public, are doubling down on the negative side of ADHD. People feel like ADHD is like a curse that hinders people's abilities to execute their daily activities normally. However, no matter how pessimistic people are of this condition, ADHD does have its perks that deserve mentioning.


20/02/2018 ADHD

Have you ever experienced being so angry at someone just because they accidentally bumped you? Have you ever gotten into a fight with your sibling just because they lost your toy? Are you too overly excited for an upcoming series of your favorite movie? If you’ve gone through one or all of these scenarios, then chances are, you might have an emotional dysregulation. In our latest issue of ADHD coaching, we will give light to this ADHD symptom and explain why it happens.

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