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Great Parenting Tips and Strategies for Coping with ADHD

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21/11/2019 ADHD

One of the essential aspects of taking care of a child with ADHD is communication, especially those that have sensory challenges. The tips below can enhance the communication of parents with their children. Observe when your kid is hearing and paying attention to you - For most people, making eye contact is a sign that they are being heard, but the mind of a child with ADHD is operating at a fast pace. So, it may not be possible for them to make eye contact with you but that doesn't imply that they are not listening. In fact, children with ADHD may be fidgeting with objects while paying attention, so as a parent, you need to pay attention to your child's cues.


20/11/2019 ADHD

Kids with ADHD usually benefit from ADHD accommodations established by parents and teachers. These classroom accommodations are made after a careful examination of the ADHD symptoms and are intended to help support and improve the identified problems that children may be having in school. Parents can talk to teachers about the possible accommodations that can be made for their children. Among the possible accommodations include:


19/11/2019 ADHD

Undoubtedly, children will at some point experience challenges with their homework. However, for kids with ADHD, such issues often exceed just a few assignments. As earlier mentioned, children with ADHD, have issues with patience, organizing and focusing. Such issues usually make it difficult for students to perform optimally both inside and outside the classroom. Kids with ADHD usually rush through their homework; they can be quite hasty and this typically results in lots of mistakes. They may even lose their homework and find it difficult to organize their thoughts and tasks which prevents them from planning ahead. Well, you don't have to despair; the challenges that your child may be experiencing right now in their studies can be overcome by leveraging practiced habits as well as appropriate study skills for students with ADHD. In this chapter, we shall be going through some homework tips which will help your child to focus properly and achieve success in school.


18/11/2019 ADHD

The tips and ideas below can significantly increase your success rate when it comes to caring for a child with ADHD. Make Room for Flexibility While defining the rules at home, it's crucial that you consistently discourage destructive behaviours and reward the good ones. However, you don't have to be too strict with your child. Always bear in mind that children with ADHD may find it harder to adapt to change like other children. One of the traits you need is patience; you have to learn to allow your child to make mistakes while learning. Certain symptom driven behaviours of your child that are not in any way detrimental to anyone or your child can be accepted as part of your child’s personality. Discouraging your child's quirky behaviours simply because you feel they are unusual can be harmful to their fragile developing self-esteem.

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