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21/03/2018 ADHD

Not all sports are created equal but players need one common factor to succeed in all kinds of sports: concentration. Organization and lack of distraction are two main keys of concentration that is needed for sports success. Consequently, not all sports play well with ADHD characteristics. For children with ADHD, the most difficult opponent to have in a playing field are themselves. Challenges that ADHD kids experience in the classroom and at home will be the same challenges they will have in the playing field.


16/03/2018 ADHD

Defiant, oppositional and explosive behaviour is more apparent than all other challenges experienced by children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD/ADD). Most parents with ADHD children, when faced with violent, defiant and non-compliant behaviours, resort to Reactive parenting. Thing is, sometimes it just doesn’t work. But, there’s always Plan B - Proactive parenting. This serves better chances of handling your child’s explosive behaviour and provides better ways to develop skills in parenting an ADHD kid.


09/03/2018 ADHD

Just the other week, a regular patient - along with her mother - went to our clinic to seek for some help and advice. The mother was concerned about her teenage daughter about her lack of organisation. The teenager - nicknamed "Patty" - has been diagnosed with ADHD in October of last year. After five months of proper ADHD treatment, 15-year-old Patty has seen some encouraging improvements. However, there is still one issue that hasn't been resolved up to now, according to her mother. That problem has been her daughter’s ability to organise, especially her room.

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