Use of Medication in The Treatment of Adult ADHD

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20/08/2013 ADHD

You may be prescribed medications if you have been diagnosed with Adult ADHD. Your London ADHD doctor may prescribe a stimulant or other medication, along with cognitive behavioural therapy. There are many facets to treating Adult ADHD, but the symptoms are usually treated medically.You may be prescribed the same types of medications that children with ADHD take, according to WebMD. The stimulants used may be one of the following:Ritalin Concerta ElvanseSelecting the proper medication for you must be done without making any of your other health problems worse. Since ADHD has strong genetic links, your psychiatrist may find out what medications other members of your family have taken without problematic side effects. These medications may also work well for you.In addition, there is a non-stimulant medication, Strattera, that is used in treating Adult ADHD in London.

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