12 Great Ways to Deal with ADHD in a Marriage

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29/08/2016 ADHD

Some adults with ADHD have very successful careers. But for others, the symptoms of ADHD can create a variety of challenges, distractibility, poor communication skills, procrastination, and difficulty managing complex projects. Here are some of the and tips to overcome them.Challenge: DistractabilityThere are two types of distractions that can affect adults working with ADHD, external and internal. External include things such as noises or movement in the surrounding environment while internal distractions originate internally such as daydreams. Tips: Noise-cancelling headphones can help minimize external sounds. If you have an office, consider closing your door to avoid being distracted by your officemates. Limit your access to social media when you need to get stuff done. To-do lists can help you keep on task and combat your tendencies to daydream.


26/08/2016 ADHD

How does ADHD affect your relationship? If you and/or your partner suspects that one or both you have adult symptoms of ADHD in a relationship it can be very challenging. But addressing it and having it diagnosed can also provide great relief that there is an explanation and a path forward. ADD/ADHD is a very treatable condition and one of the great benefits of treatment is that it doesn’t just improve your work life but also your home life.#1: Let Go of Your EgoValue your marriage more than your desire to be “right.” Make peace a priority. In a healthy marriage, there is no room for reprimand, rebuke, and rudeness. Emotional situations can sweep you away from your marriage and into your ego. Attempting to prove you are superior makes your loved one inferior. Is that how you want to treat your soul mate? When I find myself blurting out, “How could you do this to me, after all, I do for you,”

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