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Clinical Governance: An ADHD Clinic Must-Have

Clinical Governance is a system that has been put in place to empower and encourage healthcare organisations to be responsible for continuously improving the quality of their services and in safeguarding the highest standard care.

We, at the ADHD Centre are committed to reviewing and continuously improving the quality of our service user experience and service user safety, as well as in delivering the highest standard for clinical care throughout the United Kingdom.  Our Clinical Governance committee is tasked to meet at least four times a year to review our service user performance data, feedbacks and to provide the latest research in the evidence-based treatment of ADHD to ensure that we deliberately provide the highest quality standard of clinical care to our clients.

Clients continue to trust our healthcare services since we are registered for Data Protection with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). The ICO is UK’s most independent authority set up with the mission: “Uphold information rights in the public interest to promote a sense of openness to the public bodies and a sense of data privacy for individuals.

The Pillars of Clinical Governance

There are seven (7) pillars of Clinical Governance which should be built solidly around providing excellent quality healthcare services:

  • 1. Service user, carer and public involvement
1. Service user, carer and public involvement

Providing health care include the participation of patients as well as their carers and relatives. For ADHD patients, it is important to include parents, family members and people around him/her. Respecting different needs, choices of medical services and develop partnerships with different organisations are factors that bear great significance for the patient’s overall well-being.

  • 2. Clinical audit
2. Clinical audit

Clinical audit involves doctors, nurses and other health professionals to assess their services and compare it to quality standards to enable them to see opportunities for advancement. It is a way of ADHD doctors and ADHD specialists to monitor and to continuously improve services they render.

  • 3. Risk management
3. Risk management

Clinical risk management involves processes, healthy practices and precise activities to ensure the patient’s safety.

  • 4. Clinical effectiveness
4. Clinical effectiveness

It is guaranteeing quality healthcare by using evidence-based approach and developing new and conventional protocols based on experience. To further enhance existing approaches, ADHD patient-treatment background are always taken into consideration.

  • 5. Education and training
5. Education and training

This involves providing support for healthcare staff to further their knowledge and be competent in their line of specialisation. For psychiatrists and doctors, this includes attending seminars and conferences, taking up additional courses and learning about newly-found studies about ADHD.

  • 6. Staffing and staff management
6. Staffing and staff management

In order to provide and maintain high quality health care services, organisations and providers apply and maintain appropriate and highly-competent staff management, recruitment and retention.

  • 7. Clinical information
7. Clinical information

Patients’ information are collected properly and are updated to be used in measuring the quality of services and outcomes and to develop tailored efforts for a patient’s various and specific needs. It also includes patient confidentiality which assures that a patient’s information are kept and protected from malicious intent.

Patient Confidentiality

It is the ADHD Centre’s priority that information from our patients disclosed during assessment including personal information, past and present medical history, prescription records and treatment progress documentations, be kept secure and confidential. The ADHD Centre will share your information in accordance with the GMC guidelines with other healthcare professionals, such as your GP, however you will always have the right to opt out of this policy. However, our clinicians have duties bound by their own professional governing registration body’s policies on patient confidentiality. This means that when certain, very specific and rare instances that can pose a threat of serious harm occur, they can be obliged to disclose significant information.

As a patient, you are asked to disclose information about yourself and your overall health status which might be sensitive in nature. We are bound to maintain and keep accurate records of the care that we are providing our clients with. This area is covered by our Confidentiality Policy.

The ADHD Centre: Providing Quality Healthcare

Staff here at the ADHD Centre sign a confidentiality clause in their contracts to assure our patients that none of our staff will pass along any information to people other than the ones you trust.

The ADHD Centre is regulated and monitored by the CQC, which independently regulates all health and social services on England.

As a healthcare organisation, we diligently see to it that we abide by the CQC principles of providing services that aim to:

  • Deliver patient-centered care
  • Treat patients with dignity and respect that they deserve
  • Obtain client’s consent for treatment and information-sharing at all times
  • Has a duty of candour – being open and transparent about care and treatment
  • Put our client’s safety first

One of the most important part of clinical governance is having an open and transparent complaint procedure which we have truly made an effort in, by hiring a dedicated Complaints Manager who will directly report to our Chief Executive.

To learn more about the ADHD Centre’s complaints procedure, click here.

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